Orchids & onions

• ORCHID: To contractor Jet Excavating of New Middletown and to all the elected officials representing Kinsman, Trumbull County and even on the state and federal level, who were involved in securing grant money, hiring contractors, designing a plan and then building a new road in about three months after Lakeview Drive washed away with Kinsman Dam in a devastating storm on July 20. While only about 25 families were affected, our elected officials jumped into action to assist in getting the road repaired so these folks could get back home. The $1.8 million project was funded entirely by state and federal monies, said Trumbull County Engineer Randy Smith.

• ORCHID: To Liberty police officer Rob Altier for his quick response Sept. 20 that may have saved a 1-year-old child’s life. The child was choking, and Altier was able to open the child’s mouth and use the finger sweep procedure to clear the airway. Trustees and Liberty police Chief Toby Meloro recognized officer Altier’s quick action during this week’s Liberty trustees meeting.

• ONION: To Trumbull County Planning Commission board members involved in placing executive director Trish Nuskievicz back on paid leave. She had been off, mostly unpaid, since July 2018 on medical leave. During that time, the commission revamped the department and replaced her with Julie Green, interim director of the planning commission. Instead of terminating Nuskievicz when she did not return after her paid time expired and after 12 weeks of federal Family Medical Leave expired, they welcomed her back, only to put her immediately on paid leave, now paying her the $84,138 annual salary to stay home.

• ORCHID: To Lordstown council for making the hard, but correct, decision to grant no raises for village employees for at least three years. With uncertainty of the village’s finances due largely to the now-permanent idling of the GM Lordstown plant, not to mention the job loss by the many local residents that worked there and at ancillary businesses, it would have been wrong to give public workers raises.

• ORCHID: To CSX and Lordstown school officials for working out a compromise to help stop lengthy trains from delaying students’ arrivals at school. Delays that were occurring at the Salt Springs Road rail crossing have been substantially improved after CSX agreed to adjust train schedules.


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