Feds make right choice in drug fight

For once, the folks in Washington, D.C., appear to have gotten something right in helping Ohio deal with the substance abuse epidemic that threatens at least a generation.

Officials at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services have approved a substance use disorder demonstration waiver that allows Ohio more flexibility in treating those on Medicaid who seek help for addiction. Though the drug abuse epidemic has evolved, far too many still succumb to prescription painkillers, heroin and fentanyl — and the reality is many of those people do not have the economic means to seek the best kind of help when they are ready to ask for it.

Now, the Ohio Department of Medicaid can provide medically necessary health care, mental health and substance use services in the most appropriate and cost-effective setting, which often is a community-based facility rather than a hospital, according to the Associated Press.

Imagine what a difference that might make for someone who has made the decision to try to break the cycle.

Bravo to federal officials who understood the need here is for a loosening of the grip in terms of giving states what they need to try to fight this monster.



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