Orchids and onions

• Orchid: To organizers in Austintown, Vienna and Bazetta for coordinating again this year an annual remembrance ceremony of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. So many children weren’t even alive when the attacks happened that we must continue to honor the heroes and all those who lost their lives so that we never forget.

• Orchid: To the folks who rushed to the aid of Cortland police officer Nicholas Mancini last week when he suffered a heart attack and crashed his police cruiser while on duty. Their quick thinking may have helped to save the officer’s life.

• Onion: To all those who allow their pets to go unattended and without being spayed or neutered. The problem has contributed to a record number of cats being surrendered to the local Angels for Animals shelter in recent months, including 520 cats in July and 614 in August.

• Orchid: To all the Angels for Animals volunteers and foster caregivers who have taken in the cats to help ensure they are cared for while they are awaiting permanent adoption.

• Orchid: To Youngstown for being selected for the National Football League’s Helmet Challenge symposium, a $3 million contest to find who can build a better helmet to protect players from traumatic injuries. Youngstown was chosen largely because it is home to America Makes, the Youngstown Business Incubator and Youngstown State University, putting the Mahoning Valley in the forefront of innovation and technology and a leader in the field of 3-D printing and additive manufacturing.



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