Orchids and onions

• ORCHID: To dozens of local school districts in Trumbull and Mahoning counties that have been operating ahead of the curve on social-emotional learning guidelines that recently were adopted at the state level. These important programs already have been successfully implemented for years in most Mahoning Valley school districts.

• ONION: To Ohio Democrats who are suing to stop the state’s Republican elections chief from removing thousands of names from the state voting rolls for inactivity. Why do we keep fighting this battle? If voters are inactive for a certain lengthy period of time and after attempts at notification, why not remove them? As we see it, nothing is stopping interested voters from re-registering.

• ORCHID: To the family of Janet Casey and the Liberty branch of the Warren-Trumbull County Library for opening “Jan’s Corner,” an outdoor play area donated by the family of the avid reader who was an active library patron before her death last year.

• ORCHID: To participants and organizers of this year’s annual Up A Creek benefit concert that raises funds for the Howland Paw Pantry, which provides food, personal hygiene, clothing and school supplies to needy Howland school children.

• ONION: To the city of Girard for continuing to tout the spoils of ticket money generated from traffic speed cameras. The city spent more than a half million dollars on new police cruisers, upgraded the police radio system and bought a new video system for the municipal court. Sounds great on the surface, but what they don’t say is that the money came from the pockets of unsuspecting motorists, and almost as much money left the area in the hands of the Tennessee company that owns the camera equipment. That means hundreds of thousands of dollars taken from the local economy.

• ORCHID: To organizers of this year’s Canfield Fair. Once again, the fair was a huge success with great entertainment, shows, exhibits and festivities — not to mention all the hard work exhibited by 4-Hers and adults who entered exhibits and livestock. What a wonderful showcase of what our Mahoning Valley has to offer!