Orchids and onions

• ORCHID: To all local communities that marked National Night Out last week by hosting local events intended to help grow and promote good relations between police and residents. At a time when national media so frequently is reporting on violence and division between officers and community, we salute those who plan events like this to create a sense of camaraderie between first responders and neighbors.

• ONION: To the person who abandoned a friendly black Labrador mixed-breed dog by placing it in a trash bag on the rear dock at the Salvation Army Thrift store in Warren. With so many other ways to find a good home for a dog that no longer can be kept, this cruel act is simply inexcusable.

• ORCHID: To the Salvation Army employees and the Healthy Hearts and Paws Project in Brookfield that helped to care for the abandoned dog, now being called “Daisy,” and to all the good people reaching out with offers to adopt the dog.

• ONION: To the man caught on camera using weed spray on gravesites at Johnston Township cemetery. The weed spray is discouraged because it causes damage to grass, flowers and shrubbery on neighboring gravesites. He needs to find a better way to get rid of the weeds.

• ORCHID: To Warren First United Methodist Church on Park Avenue for the guidance and service it has provided in the community for 200 years. Sadly, the church is slated to close for good next month, shortly after marking its bicentennial. The closure comes because of declining membership.