Orchids and onions

• ORCHID: To Girl Scout Rayna Lambert, 12, of Bristol, who is showcasing her monarch butterfly 4-H project this week at the Ohio State Fair. Last month Rayna, a member of Girl Scout Troop 80101, addressed the Trumbull County commissioners about the importance of preserving milkweed for monarch caterpillars. She spoke at a commissioners meeting after noticing that milkweed plants along roadsides near her home were mowed down. It’s refreshing to see a young person taking such an active role in a topic in which she believes so strongly.

• ORCHID: To fifth-grade Champion Middle School science teacher David Murduck, chosen as one of four finalists for this year’s Ohio Teacher of the Year award. He also was one of 11 teachers designated “2020 Teacher of the Year” by the Ohio School Boards Association. Teaching is such a critically important career, and teachers like Murduck, who demonstrate such passion for educating our youth, deserve boundless recognition. Champion students are very fortunate to have him!

• ONION: To Howland Township for failing to remove signs advising drivers that speed is being enforced by traffic cameras. The township announced it would stop using its handheld traffic cameras when Ohio’s law changed, placing new restrictions on speed camera usage the first week of July. It’s now been a month, yet the signs remain on all thoroughfares entering the township. It’s time to remove them.

• ORCHID: To Newton Falls Board of Education, which voted to approve creation of a junior high cross country team for the first time in Tiger history. Cross country is a wonderful sport that is sure to teach Newton Falls students great discipline.

• ORCHID: To all local police, state highway patrol troopers, nonprofit or charitable organizations and, of course, donors, who are working together locally to collect money and donations of school supplies for children whose families can’t afford them as back-to-school time approaches. Orchid, also, to the many caring and generous teachers out there who always dig deep into their own pockets to make sure none of their students go without the needed supplies.