Orchids and onions

• ORCHID: To many volunteers, including five off-duty Warren police officers, Warren SCOPE and the United Way of Trumbull County, who this week stepped in to assist an elderly U.S. Air Force veteran who needed help relocating his home. One senior service specialist from SCOPE, who for months has been helping the man move, described him as a “hoarder” in need of much help crating his personal property and relocating.

• ONION: To Hubbard Township trustees considering laying off some township police officers because they say they can’t afford to pay the salaries until collections start arriving next April from a recently passed 1.75-mill police levy. Trustees continue to blame their budget problems on declining state funds, including new state cuts equaling revenue generated from speed camera fines — which we believe they never should have used. Hubbard Township’s past practices of “raiding the general fund” and taking loans to pay fixed operating costs signal a lack of discipline and poor budgeting and management.

• ORCHID: To Niles first responders and dispatchers honored this week for service and response during a fatal house fire on Memorial Day. A woman and her teenage son were saved, but sadly, a man and another teenage boy perished in the blaze. Niles City Council this week honored more than a dozen first responders and dispatchers with certificates for courage and bravery.

• ONION: To Newton Falls Board of Education members who withheld from residents information on offers to purchase wooded school district property. The board has been considering timbering the property for revenue, to which some residents object. Recently, board of education member Amie Crowder denied the Western Reserve Land Conservancy offered to buy the land; however, the conservancy subsequently told us that it did, indeed, offer to purchase the land. Elected officials must remember they serve the public and oversee properties and funds owned by the taxpayers; therefore, they must be forthright with information.

• ORCHID: To Dylan Parrish and Brandon Scott, both 11, of Weathersfield, who rescued an elderly township woman who fell near the bank of a lake while mowing her lawn, was injured and unable to get up. She lay there for 90 minutes until the boys heard her yelling and reacted quickly to assist and call paramedics. Weathersfield trustees honored the boys as “heroes” during a public meeting this week.


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