Sound off – June 1, 2019

William D. Packard’s dream of music played in the city he loved was certainly enjoyed by those in attendance for the Memorial Day Remembrance. Thank you to all who performed. You are truly amazing! And for those of you who don’t attend Packard concerts, you are missing one the finest gifts given to the citizens of this city.

— Warren

Why are recycle bins disappearing? Simple, stupid people are using them for common household trash! While depositing my clean recycables, I saw old carpet, foam packing material, children’s toys, etc. It’s too costly for companies to sort the garbage from recycables, so they pull their receptacles. To all who use these centers responsibly, thank you. To those using them for trash, shame on you!

— Southington

Here’s a novel idea. Instead of hiring another friend of the mayor, why not do away with Warren’s safety-service director position and have the mayor do the job he was elected to do. Maybe you can take a picture of him actually working instead of shaking hands. Do the job you were elected to do.

— Warren

It is time to put censure on any voice that uses open town meetings to deliberately embarrass, demean and verbally abuse another local official. Narcissism is not the place for this behavior. It’s time to grow up.

— Kinsman

How is Enzo Cantalamessa involved in every bad situation in Warren? He does not promote harmony for the city of Warren.

— Warren

Tim Ryan’s bill would require auto companies to design, manufacture, install a backseat alarm for stupid, drunk or high people. This unnecessary cost will be added on to the sticker price. I can see these losers running to dealers for one of these new cars. Simple solution: a child dies in your back seat, you die.

— Warren

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi claims “no one is above the law, including the president.” Why, then, do all the migrants have such a voice in their attempt to enter our country illegally? Why does Bernie Sanders want prisoners to have the right to vote? Criminals have broken our laws. They lost their rights. I think Democrats are speaking out of both sides of their mouths. Pelosi should pray for herself.

— Warren

“Sound off” writers spew opinions without facts! Trump doesn’t have Czars in his cabinet; Obama created Czars. Trump is unstable? He passed physical and cognitive exams; Pelosi should be examined. She fumbles words to construct a sentence. Who negotiates by publicly attacking a nemesis? An unstable woman engulfed in hatred for Trump and his supporters. She’ll pray for him? Dems wiped the word God from their platform. Remember?

— Warren

I am appalled at how an illegal immigrant can be represented by the children they spawned while they were illegally in this country. These children call all the people who obey U.S. laws “racists.” This isn’t about race or religion. It’s about breaking the law. If they don’t want to be separated from their illegal parents, then go be with them. Problem solved.

— Howland