207 years in, and we’re just getting started

Today’s edition of the Tribune Chronicle is 207 years in the making.

Your Tribune Chronicle can trace its roots back to the early 19th century when, on this day, June 9, in 1812, founder and editor Thomas D. Webb published the Western Reserve’s earliest recorded newspaper known as the “Trump of Fame.” The Tribune Chronicle’s lineage makes us what is believed to be the second-oldest newspaper in Ohio.

Back then, the weekly newspaper provided the only means for settlers to this rugged wilderness to obtain national news. It was, of course, a critical form of communication.

We believe the important service this newspaper has provided during those two centuries has been valued by you, our readers. While the many precursors to this newspaper have evolved and merged, been renamed and relocated throughout those years, we have continued to provide that service — gather important local news of the day, organize it for our readers and then present it on a regular basis to those wanting to stay informed about their communities.

Let’s think about that for a minute.

This business that began in 1812 — 207 years ago — still thrives here today. How often can we say that?

Sure, much has changed through the years in the way we do business. Who could expect that it wouldn’t?

We now have evolved into a multimedia marketing company interacting every day with more people in a broader geographical scope than ever before. Our reporting of the news today is immediate — right down to the second via www.tribtoday .com. We also share information through social media, post videos, slideshows of images.

Certainly, Thomas D. Webb never saw that coming!

Nowadays, readers have many choices in how they receive their news. That’s why we are even more appreciative of those who choose us.

There is much competition and a 24-hour news cycle with new urgency that present new challenges as well as opportunities.

But even while we are competing to be first, we believe we ultimately still provide the most comprehensive and detailed coverage of local news of the day.

Yes, much has changed in the 207-year history of your hometown newspaper, but many things have not.

We continue to gather, organize and report all your local news, without fail, every day. It will continue to be our goal to inform, engage and entertain all our readers.

We may not always share common viewpoints on political or community issues of the day, and we promise to use our opinion page to start conversations that hopefully engage members of this community in civil, respectful discourse. We still believe lively debate is critical to the advancement of community, education and government.

Yes, the newspaper industry has changed during those 207 years, and we will continue to adapt and evolve in the future.

That’s because we have no plans to go anywhere. We promise we will continue to be here for you, bringing you the stories of your community, and we invite you to be active participants in the process.

You are reading this editorial either in print or online, and we thank all of our subscribers, however this product gets delivered to you.

Newspapers in Trumbull County have had a glorious past, and now our staff is excited about reporting the future.

We sincerely thank every reader, contributor, advertiser, carrier and employee who has helped us get here. And with the help and continued support from all of you, we look forward to being here at least 207 years more.