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• Just a little more than 3,000 Warren voters cast ballots in Tuesday’s election out of 40,000 residents. What a sad statement about their citizenship. No interest and obviously no interest in the city.

— Warren

• Grace Fellowship Church bought McMenamy’s but is going to LaBrae Schools to hold services. Why would a church of 850 people not use what they just bought? Should a community with a beautiful new taxpayer-funded school allow a church with its own facility to place additional wear and tear on the school? I wonder why the church skipped over eight other closer schools. What’s next for LaBrae schools? Taxpayers deserve better.

— Warren

• Passion hits all of us, but remember that 85 percent of the population is not planned. Therefore, take responsibility for your actions. Supporting you and your child is not my responsibility. Don’t use my tax dollars for an abortion either, which is murder. So when that moment hits, how about thinking about the consequences.

— Howland

• Now that we are getting nice days to sit outside, someone always has a fire going. We can’t even sit outside because the smoke smells so bad. I don’t know which house is doing it, but I hope they see this and quit. I know some people have fires at night, but this is during the day!

— Niles

• If you are wondering why my lawn has beautiful dandelions, this is the reason: With all the weed killers being used in this country, I’m doing my part to save our water supply by not using pesticides on our lawn. It has already been proven that the water down south is polluted. If everyone would stop using pesticides, we’d have fresh water to drink in the future for years to come.

— Howland

• Glenn Holmes jumped ship leaving his voters and supporters high and dry. He talked a great talk, like he was really going to be a great representative of the working class. But I see he went for the money — sad.

— Niles

• I read that POTUS candidate Tim Ryan supports late-term abortion, legalized marijuana, universal health care, taxing the rich and free college. As other candidates try to out do each other with free give aways, Ryan jumps on each band wagon. His latest was reparations. When RG Steel closed, potential buyers needed a 90-day bankruptcy delay to get financing in order. We tried to get “representation” from Ryan, but he didn’t climb on that band wagon.

— Braceville

• U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan has nothing good to say about President Donald Trump, but he didn’t hesitate to go to him for help with Lordstown GM. GM never paid back all the billions from the Obama bailout. It looks like they will build an electric truck plant there, no thanks to Ryan.

— Girard

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