Orchids and onions

• ORCHID: To Newton Falls village council for entering into a contract with the YSU Office of External Affairs, Government Affairs and Economic development to receive assistance for economic and community development projects. The $30,000 cost includes services like grant writing that could generate much more revenue. We will be watching eagerly to see how successful this partnership becomes.

• ORCHID: To the newly formed Johnston Historical Society that has officially installed officers and established regular meeting times. Historical preservation in local communities is vitally important, and we are pleased to see so many organizations taking up the cause.

• ONION: To special prosecutors appointed by the Ohio Attorney General’s office for taking so long to render findings in its probe of a motor vehicle incident last July involving a county official and a Brookfield teen. Trumbull County 911 Director Ernie Cook is accused of hitting a teen skateboarder July 14 in Brookfield, possibly while driving under the influence and then leaving the scene, public records state. Should it really take nine months to close an investigation like this? Certainly both Cook and the teen want answers on the investigation.

• ORCHID: To teachers and administrators at Warren G. Harding and Brookfield high schools that were ranked among the top high schools in Ohio and in the nation in a recent analysis by U.S. News and World Report. Of course, credit also must go to the hard-working students and to their parents.

• ORCHID: To all the high schools, churches and other community organizations that coordinate and host post-prom events this time of year, giving high school students a safe, drug- and alcohol-free event to attend, ensuring their fun night at the high school prom is followed by comforting and uplifting memories.