It’s time for release of OSU’s report

It is easy to understand why Ohio State University officials have not yet released a report on their investigation of the late Dr. Richard Strauss, despite the fact it has been a year since his misdeeds came to light.

Strauss, who had been a doctor working with some of OSU’s athletic teams, was guilty of decades of sexual misconduct. More than 150 former students have come forward with accounts of alleged abuse by Strauss.

A law firm handling the investigation has estimated more than 440 people have information involving the case. In other words, the very magnitude of allegations against Strauss is making the investigation a lengthy one.

Still, it may be time for OSU to issue some sort of preliminary findings in the case, then follow the investigation until the end. A year ought to be enough to reach some conclusions regarding Strauss — and how he got away with his behavior for so long.


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