Orchids and onions

• ORCHID: To Girl Scout Troop 80324 for working to coordinate and erect a memorial cross marking the Pine Avenue, Warren, location where six local teens died March 10, 2013, in a horrific crash. The marker was unveiled recently, exhibiting names of the six young people who perished. Orchid also to the Rev. Joseph Walker of Restoration Christian Fellowship Church who made the cross. The effort was undertaken because the Girl Scouts said they wanted the families and community to know the six lives are not forgotten.

• ORCHID: To Warren City School District and Akron Children’s Hospital, who next school year will partner to pilot school-based health centers in the district’s four PK-8 schools, providing free care to students who don’t already have access to a primary care physician. A healthy child is a better learner, and this new plan will help achieve that goal.

• ONION: To Trumbull County Transit Board for failing to respond to Federal Transit Administration requests for information. An April 1 letter said the FTA already granted “numerous time extensions” and attempts to get written responses from the board. Onion also to transit board Chairman Robert Faulkner for his nonchalance about the matter. Faulkner said Monday he was not worried that federal funding might be in jeopardy, saying the information being sought should be readily available “in reports, stuff that can be pulled from somewhere.” Faulkner also blamed previous administration changes for his lack of knowledge; however, the FTA’s April 1 letter states past correspondence was addressed to the board, not the administrator. A few days later, the board voted to request an FTA extension and to hire a pricey attorney if the extension is denied.

• ORCHID: To everyone involved in coordinating Youngstown State University’s annual English Festival, helping young people to hone their skills in the humanities through a week of lectures, workshops, contests, writing labs and other events stressing values of reading and writing. The event has been happening for 41 years, and this year it was attended by some 2,700 junior high and high school students from northeastern Ohio and western Pennsylvania.

• ORCHID: To Warren Township fire crews who this week responded to a call to rescue a German shepherd puppy that fell into the septic tank and got stuck. Orchid especially to fire Lt. David King, who entered the tank and retrieved the puppy. Now that’s going above and beyond the call of duty!