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EDITOR’S NOTE: Due to growing popularity of this column, these soundoff submissions are being published in today’s Sunday Tribune Chronicle.

We have a president wrapped in scandal. Under investigation right now are Trump himself, Trump campaign, Trump foundation, Trump inaugural committee, Trump organization, etc. If this isn’t embarrassing, let’s discuss his cabinet. The only qualification he seeks is loyalty to him. Remember his line, “I only hire the best people”? These guys are a collection of professional gifters. Under investigation are Scott Pruitt, Tom Price, Ryan Zinke, Michael Flynn, David Shulkin, Wilbur Ross, Steve Mnuchin and Ben Carson. The swamp is now Trump’s cesspool.

— McDonald

Someone needs to explain how a so-called civilized society can justify the murder of a full-term baby after delivery but fight tooth and nail to keep a convicted murderer from the death penalty. This speaks volumes of how demented society has become.

— Warren

Illiterate people say Trump has daily scandals. I’ve heard of no proven direct scandal, only fake news. Here’s a few of Obama’s documented scandals: Trillion wasted stimulus; fast n furious; IRS persecution of conservatives; Benghazi attack; NSA scandal; Bowe Bergdahl / Ransom scandal; EPA’s deliberate Colorado River pollution; GSA spying; VA death list; Solyndra; Iran nuclear deal and ransom; Secret Service hookers scandal!

— Howland

The real reason you no longer see red MAGA hats worn in public is the wearer gets verbally or physically abused. Same goes for MAGA bumper stickers. Car vandalism is expensive. Jussie Smollett’s actions and fear of socialism make it that much easier and important to support MAGA’s true meaning of making this country’s future brighter for everyone. If we don’t look after our own well-being, who will?

— Warren

Residents of Warren would benefit by an enforceable noise ordinance carrying a fine. It’s unfortunate that inconsiderate people choose to drive around at all hours with their radios blaring loud profanity-laced music. People may listen to whatever type of music they want, when they want, but they should have decency to restrict the volume to the confines of their vehicle’s cabin.

— Warren

If you don’t realize we need a deterrent on our southern border, you are not facing reality. Why do people have fences or live in gated communities? I think Trump is an idiot, but the Democrats are proving themselves just as stupid by opposing a barrier. We probably have spent ten times as much to fight it in safety, lost time, fees, security, border patrol, etc., and the longer it takes, the price goes up. Time for politicians to vote smart and not what their party tells them. (Tim Ryan, you have lost my vote.) Term limits is the only answer.

— Warren

The Trumbull County leadership can reduce violent crime and unsolved murders by adhering to consistent / fair sentencing practices, and not favoring the poor or being partial to the rich and powerful, especially in homicides. Leviticus 19:15.

Trumbull County has a high / increasing number per capita (background information related to unsolved murders and judicial processes of about 500 African-American men ages 15 to 50 available from the county) of convicted / suspected murderers and has captured and imprisoned an entire community.

— Atlanta

This is a special, sincere thank you to all the crews who spent Sunday through the night and Monday, getting our power restored. Our family prayed for your safety.

— Howland