Orchids and Onions – Feb. 9 2019

• ORCHID: To township leaders in Kinsman, Greene, Gustavus, Vernon and Johnston townships for doing their due diligence in considering the creation of an emergency medical service and ambulance district. If successful, the creation could create new efficiencies and aid in staffing issues. It all sounds great! Still we are pleased to see them doing all their homework before jumping in.

• ONION: To those involved in drilling the latest injection well location in Brookfield Township. Bright lights and frequent “booming” noises are not only an inconvenience for neighbors, but a cause of much anxiety and concern. The company should have done a better job preparing neighbors for what to expect and how long this temporary phase will last. This oil and gas “boom” certainly isn’t the kind being viewed favorably.

• ORCHID: To New Hope Free Methodist Church on Tod Avenue NW in Warren for welcoming Basement Outreach to provide its ministry to those in need from the church. Basement Outreach, which provides assistance to families in need, lost its previous home in the basement of another Warren church.

• ONION: To George Kuriatnyk, who filed to run for the Democratic nomination for Niles mayor, for being escorted by police from this week’s council meeting. Kuriatnyk was accused of speaking offensively, calling for the public to support his election bid and refusing to stop speaking after exhausting his allotted time. A council meeting pulpit is not the place for unverified accusations of “illegal activity,” or broad-based accusations of council members’ “lies.” Nor is it the place to campaign for election. Reasonable people can disagree publicly, but it must be done respectfully and with specific facts.

• ORCHID: To the Warren SCOPE Center for offering classes teaching the basics of American sign language. That’s a valuable skill for anyone to have.