More effective fund distribution must be considered

Sometimes “fair” is not smart. A plan for distributing safety and security funds to Ohio public schools is an excellent example of that.

State officials plan to distribute $12 million that has been set aside to improve school security. Recently, the state attorney general’s office announced the formula by which the money will be doled out.

Each school will receive $5.65 for each of its students, or at least $2,500, according to the distribution formula.

Money can be used in various ways, such as training resource officers or helping students with severe emotional issues, state officials say.

Well, using a per-pupil formula for the funding may sound fair, but how much good will it accomplish? Very little. Even a relatively large school, with 1,000 students, would receive only $5,650. Not much can be done with that amount of money.

A better system would be to use the money for large-scale safety and security initiatives in fewer schools. That, at least, could provide demonstration projects that, in the end, could benefit every public school in Ohio.