Orchids and Onions – Sept. 1, 2018

• ORCHID: To Second Harvest Food Bank, Girard / Liberty Rotary Club and W.S. Guy Middle School in Liberty for setting up a food pantry inside the school building for needy students, along with a weekend food backpack program. This is a wonderful program. How can children be expected to concentrate and learn when they are hungry?

• ORCHID: To the organizers of Sunday’s celebration at the Women’s Park in Warren marking the 98th anniversary of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution giving women the right to vote. This important date in women’s history must always be remembered and celebrated.

• ONION: To ATV riders speeding around Bristol Township neighborhoods. Unfortunately, some people wrongly believe that they have free reign to ride their ATVs, dirt bikes and other motorized vehicles recklessly in any rural area. All riders must respect the rights of property owners and of the neighbors.

• ORCHID: To Catholic Diocese of Youngstown Bishop George Murry for publicly lashing out against the child sex abuse scandal in the church. Murry is calling for three actions to better serve abuse victims, and he promises he will advocate for this at the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops this November in Baltimore. This abuse is abhorrent, but it is good to know the bishop is fighting to correct wrongs.

• ORCHID: To the United Way of Trumbull County volunteers for working hard this week to help clean up trash in Trumbull County as part of a kickoff for the annual United Way @ Work program, which provides some outdoor yard services for seniors, veterans and the disabled in Trumbull County.