Orchids and Onions

• ORCHID: To Newton Falls VFW Post 3332 for providing transportation, a celebratory dinner and care packages for two busloads of residents of Cleveland’s Wade Park VA Hospital in appreciation of their service and to ensure each understands that we respect and honor them.

• ONION: To Liberty Police Capt. Toby Meloro, accused by the police chief and murder victim Loraine Lynn’s family of mishandling the investigation by ignoring key evidence in early days that would have revealed the death was a murder, not an accident. The case received necessary and expected attention only after the family hired a private investigator and an attorney. Sadly, now a year later, the murder remains unsolved.

• ORCHID: To all those who tirelessly combed the Cascade Mountains of Washington state last week in search of missing Warren man Matthew Matheny, who got lost hiking on Mount St. Helens. The search by foot, helicopter, tracking dogs and drone, coupled with lots of prayers, paid off when rescuers found him injured, but conscious.

• ONION: To Warren Safety Service Director Enzo Cantalamessa for saying the actions of “reckless, unsupervised juveniles” involved in a fight outside last week’s Italian-American Festival in downtown Warren “does not have an impact on the festival.” It absolutely does, simply by creating negative perceptions of Warren. Cantalamessa also said, “Kids will be kids. Kids fight.” Really? How can we expect parents and schools to hold children to higher standards if this is the passive attitude of the man who tops the chain of command above Warren Police Department and who now hopes to become Warren’s law director?