Orchids and Onions

• ORCHID: To the Trumbull County Combined Health District for its aggressive action in notifying local officials, area schools and the media when two mosquito pools — in Champion and Newton Falls — tested positive for the dangerous West Nile virus. Elected leaders and school administrators also deserve praise for quickly ensuring public, educators and coaches are aware of the findings to keep us all safe.

• ONION: To members of Warren city council who attempted to push through as an emergency a motion to turn the city’s Deemer Park over to the Western Reserve Port Authority to market it for sale. If the issue had passed as an emergency, there would have been no opportunity to hear public input — including from many residents angry because the park is home to the Warren Little Raiders football team.

• ORCHID: To Warren Councilmen Ken MacPherson and John Brown for voting no on the Deemer Park emergency measure, meaning the issue now will be heard at more than just one meeting, granting an opportunity for all residents to be heard. That’s the correct way to handle city issues.

• ORCHID: To Novelis and the Warren Family Mission for sponsoring and hosting a back-to-school giveaway this week providing more than 475 backpacks filled with school supplies for needy children. What a wonderful way to ensure our kids head back to school on the right foot.

• ORCHID: To Trumbull Metropolitan Housing Authority Highland Terrace apartments for organizing summer youth programs allowing kids to grow a garden, take field trips and get outside for swimming and basketball. The efforts are coordinated by the Family Impact Coordinator through the United Methodist Community Center. It provides lots of physical activity and a goal of showing kids anything is possible.