Orchids and Onions

• ORCHID: To Warren Police Department for coordinating “Street Watch,” a new voluntary program creating a database of where private surveillance cameras are located on homes and businesses in the city that police may use in crime solving. The collaborative effort sounds promising, and if successful, it should be considered by other local police departments.

• ONION: To all the people who carelessly dump their trash in Quinby Park pond in Warren, and especially to those that dumped into the pond a car reported stolen in 2016 from neighboring Geauga County. Who knows how long the car was submerged there, among the trash?

• ORCHID: To Dave Martin who discovered the vehicle in the pond while he was kayaking in Quinby Park, picking up trash from the pond. “There’s so much garbage in that pond that we got tired of looking at it, so we were floating around picking things up,” Martin said.

• ORCHID: To North Bloomfield Historical Society, township officials and, of course, Bloomfield residents for preserving and continuing to utilize the 125-year-old Bloomfield township hall. Preservation of historical landmarks, including buildings like this one built in 1893, is extremely important for showcasing local history for our youth.

• ORCHID: To University Hospitals in Cleveland for donating to Braceville Fire Department a Lifepak 15 heart monitor to replace a 25-year-old unit. The donation equips the department with the up-to-date medical tool that can transmit readings directly to awaiting emergency room physicians, increasing the speed and quality of care.