Orchids and Onions

• ORCHID: To Mahoning Valley Sanitary District board members who changed their tune about paying Operations Manager Anthony Vigorito, who is under indictment, while he’s on leave. The board amended the decision to make Vigorito’s leave unpaid. If he is not working while his case is being disposed of, water users shouldn’t foot the bill for his paycheck.

• ONION: To Barry M. Kuhn of Tamaqua, Pa., who was hauling live pigs when his truck overturned on Interstate 80 in Hubbard this week, causing mayhem for motorists and injuries to pigs that were left scrambling. Kuhn is facing charges of OVI, failure to control and a seatbelt violation.

• ORCHID: To volunteers from Trumbull Neighborhood Partnership as well as Warren’s Operations Department, who this week removed tires littered around the city. It’s a hard job, but it’s important to reduce blight and breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

• ONION: To people who think it’s OK to dump old tires and other trash, leaving it up to others to clean up the mess they leave behind.

• ORCHID: To local volunteers, including master gardeners, who this week built and prepared elevated planters giving disabled residents access to community gardens. The project was funded by grants from the Raymond John Wean Foundation and Trumbull 100. What a wonderful project allowing the disabled to enjoy planting in the summer sun.



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