Iraqi leaders take U.S. for granted

An example of what can happen when other countries become too reliant on the United States to defend them can be seen in Iraq. There, clearly, President Nouri al-Maliki and other leaders thought Americans would bail them out of their current dilemma.

In January, a Sunni Muslim army from Syria invaded Iraq. More recently, it has scored disturbing successes against the Iraqi army.

al-Maliki called members of Iraq’s parliament into a session to begin this week.

That’s right: Facing a threat that could destroy their country, Iraqi lawmakers have not even been meeting.

It is difficult to imagine a similar crisis in the U.S. But if one occurred, members of Congress would not wait to be called into session. They would rush to Capitol Hill.

It will – and should – be difficult to convince Americans we should bail Iraqi leaders out of an emergency they do not seem to be taking more seriously.