Presidential endorsement: Donald Trump

Editor’s note: We invited the chairperson of each Trumbull County major political party to share with our readers their arguments supporting their party’s presidential nominee.

You are facing a procedure of dire consequences with a choice of two surgeons. One, hands-down, is the best in his field, but he is gruff, arrogant with grating bedside manner. The other has a great demeanor and calming approach, but possesses limited familiarity with the issue you face.

Most would select the one best in his field because when stakes are high, we need the job done right.

This brings to mind the teaching: “God does not give us what we want, He provides us what we need.” Still, man is of free will, and we must live with our decisions.

Donald J. Trump is not a stereotypical president. While we clamor for change, few accept it calmly when it arrives. What’s even more difficult is, as a nation of diversity, demographics and geography, issues near the hearts of 150 million voters vary dramatically (which is exactly why the Electoral College is more important today than ever). The portentous encroachment of federal government into our lives has only exacerbated this complexity; it attempts to force all 50 states into a single paradigm. The lack of a centrist acceptance to any subject has all but eliminated bipartisan approach to public discussion, and moderate candidates in both parties are hung out for treason. It’s a return to John Adams’ “in politics the middle way is none at all.” The “winner take all” approach by both parties produces candidates more reflective of extreme platforms. Campaign tactics have flipped from “enticing the moderate middle” to “pick a side.”

To maintain our country’s structure — frankly, to preserve its very constitution and framework which loosely holds us together — we must continue working with what our founding fathers created. It clearly has worked, allowing us to navigate significant social and political obstacles for almost 250 years. It continues to work.

Trump ran on “America First” and “Make America Great Again.” platforms. While not perfect, as no history is, this already has proven to be the “experiment in democracy” our founders strived to create. Its success validated the world over as we are at the center of the world stage on so many, if not in some form, all fronts. The fact is, everything Trump has done, everything he proposed and worked for since taking office reflects that mantra.

Whatever barometers you use to measure life or success of your president — minority unemployment rate; income or home value; 401k value; the consumer confidence; inflation — chances are, it’s better now than four years ago, notwithstanding the worst pandemic in 100 years. If it’s not better now, it was probably better before March 2020 and is trending in the right direction now. Trump managed to accomplish an immense amount across many fronts in the face of a tsunami of opposition attacks since before inauguration.

Some claim Trump handled the pandemic poorly. The simple truth is most every projection was much worse than what we’ve experienced, so on what basis was it handled poorly? Also, every state handled the crisis freely, as it should be. How does that reflect on the president or federal government? There is sound medical science and opinions on both sides of the matter; who’s actually right will be unknown for years. The opposition claims Republicans are “ignoring science,” but who ignores science when it comes to abortion?

I don’t say that to be divisive. It’s a simple demonstration of how everything in life now is politicized.

Do your homework. Seek the truth. Reflect in knowledge, pray in faith. If you want your country to remain your country, there is only one way to vote at the top of the ticket, as there is only one person fighting for all of us. Donald Trump deserves your vote.

Kevin Wyndham is chairman of the Trumbull County Republican Party.


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