More projects you can do yourself at home

In last week’s column we talked about easy do-it-yourself projects you can easily pull off for under $300. Well, here are two more that are simple and economical.

Project No. 1

Add garage storage — Shopping for garage storage solutions is definitely a kid-in-the-candy-store experience. There are so many cool shelves, hooks and hangers available that you’ll need to prioritize your needs. Take stock of long-handled landscape tools, bikes, paint supplies, ladders and odd ducks, such as that kayak. Measure your available space so you’ll have a rough idea of where everything goes.

Specs and cost: Set your under-$300 budget, grab a cart and get shopping. Many storage systems are made to be hung on drywall, but hooks and heavy items should be fastened directly to studs. Use a stud finder ($20) to locate solid framing.

If your garage is unfinished, add strips of wood horizontally across studs so you’ll have something to which to fasten your storage goodies. An 8-foot-long 2-by-4 is about $2.50.

Tools needed include a cordless drill / driver, hammer, level, measuring tape, screws and nails. This is a simple project, but not a fast one. Figure six to 10 hours to get everything where you want it, plus shopping. But, oh the fun in putting everything in its place.

Project No. 2

Edging your garden — Edging is a great way to define your planting beds, corral garden mulch and to separate your lawn from your garden or patio.

Specs and cost: Wood and metal edging looks like tiny fencing; they’re 4-6 inches high. Some include spikes that hold the edging in position; other types must be partially buried. Cost is $1 to $5 per foot. Plastic edging can be molded and colored to mimic brick, wood and stone, and costs about $20 for 10 feet.

Concrete edging blocks are smooth or textured to resemble stone, and cost $15 to $25 for 10 feet.

Real stone edging is installed flush with the surrounding grade in a shallow trench on a bed of sand, so digging is required. Stone is sold by the ton and prices vary by region. You’ll need about one-third of a ton of flagstone to make an 8-inch-wide edging 50 feet long, costing $150 to $200.

Tools needed include a shovel, wheelbarrow, tin snips (for cutting plastic edging) and work gloves. Pre-made edging will take two to three hours for 50 feet, and stone will take six to 10 hours.

Remember, when it’s time to sell or buy a new home, contact the Warren Area Board of Realtors.

Cunningham is the 2020 president of the Warren Area Board of Realtors.


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