Buyers want to know all about your home

Sellers in today’s market are looking to make their homes more appealing to buyers.

Besides having your home professionally staged, having your home professionally inspected is a benefit to both you and the buyer. A homeowner who has had a pre-home inspection takes the risk out of losing a potential buyer when the buyer obtains their home inspection.

There are over 33 areas home inspectors will check. One would be the furnace and central air unit. A cracked heat exchanger on older furnaces is among one of the more expensive repairs. Realtors will sometimes suggest you call a professional furnace company to clean and check the furnace for cracks in the heat exchanger. Make sure you have your furnace person write on the invoice that the system is in good working order. (This adds value to your home.)

Another common defect on inspection reports is inadequate wiring and electrical outlets and / or unsafe or over-fused electrical service. Your home should have a minimum of 100 amps service. The Federal Pacific “Stab Lock” electrical panel has been known to have breakers that don’t trip and the majority of home buyers will request the seller to have them replaced.

Home inspectors will look at octopus plugs as indicative of inadequate circuits and a potential fire hazard. Proper wire size is very important. A fire hazard is created when more amperage is drawn on the circuit than was intended.

Do you have a wet or damp basement? This is one of those items that can ruin a deal. Buyers fall in love with the home and the minute the basement door opens, that happy smile turns to a frown. Some simple, inexpensive things to do if your basement is damp or getting water: clean gutters, fix the grading to take water away from your house and if your gutters drain to the street, have that drain cleaned.

A few other areas of concern are defective plumbing, roof leaks, poor ventilation in attics, rotting wood and masonry work, and an inspector will certainly check the structure and foundation for integrity.

Arming yourself with a pre-inspection could keep you from facing the disappointment of losing your buyer and give you a chance to make some repairs. You can ask your Realtor for a few names of professional home inspectors or go to our website at www.wabor.org and click on our affiliate link.

This article was provided by the Warren Area Board of Realtors.