Inspect home before buying

Now that you have an accepted offer to purchase your dream home, what’s the next step?

Ordering a general home inspection is the logical choice. A general home inspection will offer you some assurance and peace of mind that this major purchase is the one you actually “dreamed of.”

Buyers, your Realtor can offer you some names of home inspection companies you can choose from or you can find them online. Home inspections normally cover all the major components of a home and some general home inspectors handle radon testing and wood-destroying pest inspections and certifications.

Not only will the inspection results give you an overview of the current condition of the home you are trying to purchase, but the report and the inspector will give you tips on minor repairs and future maintenance tips.

Remember, no home is perfect and unless it is a “brand new build,” there will be normal wear and tear. Also, as the buyer, make sure you are present while the home inspector is actually in the process of the inspection. This is a time to ask questions and obtain more details about the home you are purchasing.

Making an educated purchase is always the way to go. Most sellers in Ohio must fill out the required Ohio Residential Property Disclosure. There are certain exemptions when this required disclosure does not have to be executed by the seller(s). The seller fills this form based only on knowledge he / she have on his / her real estate.

Sellers are not home inspectors, so to completely have an overview of the real estate you are purchasing, your best bet is to inspect.

Palich is the 2019 president of the Warren Area Board of Realtors.