Soap Opera Summaries

“THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL”: Bill, Katie, and Brooke get used to working together side-by-side at Spencer Publications. Sasha overhears a private conversation between Nicole and Rick regarding the new modeling position at Forrester Creations. When given the opportunity to fess up to Sasha about her involvement in Rick’s change of heart, Nicole does what she feels comfortable with. Despite his lingering feelings for Brooke, Bill realizes the importance of his marriage and his family. Carter gives Zende a bit of advice regarding how a single guy his age should be living. After Nicole’s actions against her, Sasha goes to Zende to inform him of his girlfriend’s uncharacteristic deceit. Nicole is caught off-guard when Zende and Sasha confront her about her conversation with Rick that cost Sasha her modeling job. Quinn takes advantage of a perfect opportunity to give Wyatt and Steffy some time and space to realize that they are perfect for each other. Determined to get Liam to change his mind about their relationship, Steffy arranges for a romantic evening for them. Distraught by the callous message that she received from Liam, Steffy finds comfort in the arms of Wyatt. Quinn tells Wyatt Deacon has moved to Europe and they have legally separated.


“DAYS OF OUR LIVES”: Hope claims she killed Dr. Malcolm. She convinces Roman it was self-defense and she had blocked out the incident. Justin drops all charges against Hope. Sneaking out of his hospital room, Eric goes to the morgue. Looking at Daniel’s body he sobs that he wishes he could take his place. He then promises Daniel he will turn his life around. Eric tells Roman he knows he has to arrest him and says he is ready to be taken to jail. When Jennifer has back spams, Chad takes her to the doctor, who gives her pain medication. JJ and Jennifer are not thrilled when Abigail says she and Chad plan to wed ASAP. Maude tells John his father died in the Korean War and she had no money so she let the Alamains adopt him. He tells her he was sent to a school that trained him to do unspeakable things. John is not certain he can trust his “birth mother.” Andre asks Rafe to investigate Stefano’s disappearance. Joey is crushed when Ava, whom he loves, tells him she is dying. Confronted by Kayla, Ava bashes her over the head with a candlestick.


“GENERAL HOSPITAL”: Kristina tells Sam she has been suspended from school. She explains her grades tanked after she broke up with her boyfriend. Desperate not to fail, she went to the professor and offered him sex in return for a passing grade. After declining, the professor told the dean of the school about the incident. Kristina was suspended for one semester. Jason thanks Sam for getting charges dropped against him. Jake tells Jason Sam is not the nice person he thinks she is. When Jake acts out, Kevin suggests art therapy. Looking at Jake’s drawings, Franco is concerned that they look like the drawings Franco made as a child. Julian is still determined to destroy Crimson. Alexis tells Sonny to back off when he says her plan to marry Julian is a mistake. Castigated by Mayor Lomax for breast-feeding Leo in public, Olivia makes nasty comments, which lands her in jail. Fearing her stance will cause negative publicity, the mayor drops the charges. Learning Michael does want to marry her, Sabrina fears Carlos might hurt Michael and runs off. Morgan wants to join Sonny’s business. Valerie and Lulu must depend on each other when they are trapped in a freezing car.


“THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS”: Nick is concerned when Sharon informs her that Dr. Anderson wants to reduce her meds. Nick tells Sharon that she is putting too much trust in Dr. Anderson. Nick and Sage agree that Dr. Anderson has a hidden agenda and Sage begins to look into Dr. Anderson’s past. Dylan accepts Paul’s offer to join the GCPD. Dylan assures Victor he can find and rescue Adam. Max continues to berate Abby. Ashley wants more than medical advice from Simon. Sharon tells Dylan she worries about his safety. Later, Chelsea asks Sharon if she fears Dylan’s new job will change their relationship. Natalie arrives in Genoa City to reconnect with Kevin. Kevin starts to believe that Natalie is conning him. Natalie assures him that he can trust her. Later, Mariah and Natalie size each other up on any possible attraction to Kevin. Victor gives Kevin the boot when he realizes he double-crossed him in the computer deal. Jack tells Phyllis he blames himself for Billy’s condition. Billy wakes up and tries to remember details about his accident and asks Victoria if Adam is responsible. Billy remembers that Noah struck him. Noah tells Victor that he can’t handle the pressure of keeping a secret and will confess to the police that he ran over Billy. Nikki and Neil pretend they are lovers to push Hillary back into Devon’s arms.



Soap Opera Summaries

“THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL”: Quinn tells Wyatt that he hasn’t been surrounding himself with the best people, and she tells him who she’d like to see him spend time with: Steffy. Liam interrogates Steffy about how she continues to make the same mistakes over and over again. Ivy divulges to Liam the extent of Steffy’s involvement in their latest altercation. Quinn probes Liam about his future with Steffy. Despite Liam’s attempt to get her to change her mind, Ivy is determined to take a one-way trip home to Australia. Taking Ivy to the airport, Liam is stuck on the plane to Australia when it takes off while he is getting Ivy settled. Rick confesses to Maya his desire to return to the Forrester Creations’ CEO seat someday. Sasha steps in for Nicole when she suddenly becomes unavailable to support Zende’s dream to be a photographer. Sasha’s carefree nature and spontaneity at a photo shoot become the driving force to Zende’s creativity. Nicole grows increasingly insecure as she witnesses the chemistry building between Sasha and Zende.

SNEAK PEEK: My brother’s girlfriend’s keeper

“DAYS OF OUR LIVES”: A drunken Eric is in a car accident that kills Daniel and seriously injures himself and Brady. A crushed Maggie has to decide who will get Daniel’s heart: Eric or Brady. Learning that Brady needs the transplant ASAP and that there is a treatment that could prolong Eric’s life, Maggie donates the heart to Brady. Marlena is thrilled that Brady’s surgery went smoothly but is heartbroken that Eric may die, as the therapy is very iffy. Abigail is thrilled when Chad remembers their love. Abigail tells him their love will overcome Stefano’s brainwashing. Despite Rafe’s warning, a gun-toting Hope plans to get rid of Stefano, who she blames for Bo’s kidnapping. After Chad admits he used Belle to find out information for his family, Belle forgives him, because he did it under mind control. Philip tells Belle he will protect her after she tells him about the $500 million Sami placed in her name and how she fears for her life. Ava thinks a child will destroy Kayla and Steve’s happiness.

SNEAK PEEK: A mother and son reunion

“GENERAL HOSPITAL”: Liz turns to Jason when Jack acts out. Robin and Patrick are remarried by Mac. The happy trio, Emma, Robin and Patrick, head for their new life in California. Laura tells Nikolas he can be the man he used to be, but Hayden cannot be part of his life. Nikolas tells Jason he will drop charges against Jason for pushing him over the balcony – if Jason will give him the ELQ stock. Laura tells Nikolas she will not be involved with his desire to take over ELQ. Nina is horrified when the first batch of Crimson is printed in an awful color. Nina and Franco make love. Franco is disturbed when he sees Jake’s dark drawings. Sonny feels his legs and finds he’s able to move them, but he wants to keep the news from Carly in case he does not make more progress. Alexis is upset when Olivia brings a photo of baby Leo to put on the mantel. Dubious of Alexis’ relationship with men, Kristina says she will never have sex, as it only confuses things.

SNEAK PEEK: Johnny gets his gun

“THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS”: Noah tells Marissa that he ran over Billy. Victor tells Noah he cannot reveal his part in the accident. As Billy lies near death, Jill goes to his side and blames the family for not caring if he lived or died before the accident. Victor goes to the hospital to support him, but he suggests the world would be better off if Billy did not make it. Sharon and Dylan are leery when Dr. Anderson wants to change Sharon’s medication. Sage wonders why Dr. Anderson is so involved with Sharon. Dr. Anderson tells Nick that baby Sully may not be safe around Sage. Kevin refuses to work with Victor. Mariah is touched by her surprise birthday party. Stitch is stunned when he learns his ex-wife died in a car accident as she was talking on the phone to Abby. Victor tells Luca he will tell him Marco’s whereabouts if he works with him. When Billy goes into cardiac arrest during surgery, Jill think Simon may have a cure.

SNEAK PEEK: Kevin does it