Property transfers

Property transfers recorded in Trumbull County July 25-29:


Stephen D. Reynolds and Mary Ann Reynolds to John A. Liptak and Joann E. Liptak, 3191 Woodland Trail, Unit D, $141,000

Jacqueline I. Doyle to Debra J. Fisher and Eugene Fisher, 3481 Ivy Hill Circle, $150,000

Lance Koss and Janine Koss to Nicholas D. Barnes and Kristen A. Barnes, 2179 Howland Wilson Road, $522,500

Diane S. Runnestrand to Lori D. Dier and Wiley Runnestrand, 2345 Howland Wilson Road, $159,000


Mary Margaret Bowen and Lester R. Bowen to Christopher Brady and Jennifer Brady, 1782 Hewitt Gifford Road, $167,500

Nancy E. Kujala to Walter P. Vargo Jr., 1164 Allen Smith Road, $133,374

Daniel A. Chupko to Dakota Williams, 4085 state Route 82, $145,000

Mary C. O’Neal to Kyle Anthony Beck and Mallory K. Klein, 799 Kale Adams Road, $169,000


Mary Ann Raidel to Donald L. Hileman Jr. and Autumn Schultz, 6416 state Route 45, $172,000


Desiree Devine to M Walker Investments LLC, 807 Lynita Drive, $141,301

Francesca Marie Sacco and Brandon Underwood to Timothy E. May and Melissa A. May, 6874 Grove St., $180,500

Robert James Brode to MidFirst Bank, 5759 Everett East Road, $41,000

Tina Howe to Shawn Murphy and Amanda Murphy, 5709 Amy Boyle Road, $245,000

Jill Marie Hosick to Caleb Gelesky, 1444 Hubbard Thomas Road, $145,000

Ian C. Bender to Federal National Mortgage Association, 1288 Standard Ave., $40,200


Scott D. Gradishar and Holly T. Gradishar to Ronald Bruce Price, 7146 Oak Hill Road, $304,000

John M. Duff to Jason M. Black, 856 Champion St., $65,000

Robert E. Long to Jessica Ann Shaffer, 5323 Copeland Ave., $135,000

Ian J. Arborgast and Lauren M. Arborgast to Caitlin Harris and Michael Lloyd, 4831 Myrtle Ave., $183,500

Robert W. McClean and Lois D. McClean to Michael W. Ujfalusi, 228 Cranberry Court, $265,000

David R. Sponaugle and Joann Sponaugle to Gary Patterson and Stacey Wagner, 6922 Downs North Road, $275,000


Paul S. Lam and Sherly Santoso to John M. Schulenburg and Angela Schulenburg, 113 Thornhill Drive, $280,500

Bayview LTD to Raymond E. Dibell and Debra C. Dibell, Bayview Drive, $275,000

Bayview LTD to Christopher A. Winans, Bayview Drive, $275,000

Ronald P. Ulery and Carol R. Ulery to Dennis A. McCarthy and Winnifred G. O’Neill, 149 Topaz Trail, $159,900

Wae Corp to Robert G. Birrell Jr., Wilson Sharpsville Road, $88,000


Mary F. Fitzsimmons to Christopher Ellis Dirando, 565 Powers Ave., $123,000

Deborah Heavemer and Jeffrey Heslop to Digmer Castaner, 207 Illinois Ave., $78,000


Raymond E. Miller and Martha D. Miller to Aaron M. Byler, 8837 Dennison Ashtabula Road, $160,000


Brian M. Wilson and Katie A. Wilson to William F. Calandro and Raquel Rodriguez, 8889 Barclay North Road, $435,000

William H. Meredith Sr. to Chadrick N. Sylvester and Angela C. Sylvester, 8977 Stoddard Hayes Road, $325,000

Michael P. Ady to Shelby Brook Perkins, 3504 Wakefield Creek Road, $171,100


Patricia G. King and Lawrence L. King to William A. Jones Sr. and Katherine A. Jones, 222 Blue Winged Drive, $275,000

North Commons LLC to Flynn Properties LLC, State Route 46, $576,000

Joseph D. Lyles to Tiera Glover and Donte Glover, 4061 Aleesa Drive, $189,500

William A. Warner to USA Professionals Inc A Montana Corporation, 2817 Deforest Road, $35,000

Gale A. Ebie and Sandra K. Ebie to Christopher Wallace, 191 Clifton Ave., $153,000

Richard Scenna to Athena Tempesta and James P. Kondolios, 2541 Forest Springs Drive, $305,000

Alan J. Mike to Gary W. Engstrom and Jean L. Engstrom, 301 River Glen Drive, $250,000


Robert F. Cole and Connie J. Cole to Felicia M. Resatar, 525 Jackson St., $156,000

Renee M. James to Keith A. Walsh and Holly L. Walsh, 866 Jerry Drive, $240,000

James P. Hodge and Tiffani L. Hodge to Valeria Rodriguez and Manuel Camunez, 160 Hager St., $174,900

David Myers to Naida Rivera and Sixta Rivera Jr., 147 Hager St., $133,500


Kelly N. Stewart to Richard M. Stewart and Dawn M. Stewart, 7283 Corinth Court, $40,000


Andrew W. Suhar to John L. Shlenker and Christina M. Powell, 8976 Youngstown Conneaut Road, $240,000

Richard A. Wiscott to Deedra C. Weese and Thomas H. Weese, 9798 Ridge Road, $20,500


Angeline Cercone to Jason W. Blenton, 234 Trumbull Ave., $134,000

Alec H. Bower to Daniel L. Wolf II, 869 Tibbetts Wick Road, $124,000

Larry F. Tooker to Joshua Lacitignola, 3027 Goleta Ave., $54,500

Ruth A. Mollica to John C. Curry, 3736 Sampson Road, $185,000

Naeem Shaheed to Miguel A. Harris, 214 Euclid Blvd., $180,000

S&J Hanna Properties LLC to April Noel Wold and Nathan B. Moffitt, 4060 E. Lawn Ave., $135,000

J K Perry Properties LLC to Jared Fommer. 1660 Rockwood Drive, $144,000

Thomas L. Bratton to Ryan M. Martin, 412 Seacrest Lane, $163,500


Anna Marie Rouhana Seidensticker to Windsor Road Land LLC, Tait Road, $30,000

Robert E. Hillman to James E. Clay and Elizabeth Clay, 425 Brunstetter Road, $176,000

Brian P. Wells and Louis Julio Gastelum Jr. to Steven Kuhn, 6161 S. Tod Ave., $160,000


Donald Erickson and Valgene E. Erikson to C and J Real Estate and Construction Inc, 918 Illinois Ave., $140,100

Russell W. Wilrich Jr. and Phyllis E. Wilrich to Blaine M. Carter and Lisa R. Carter, 445 Utah St., $260,000

Timothy J. Hosa and Marie A. Hosa to Steven C. Olsen and Gretchen Olsen, 730 Ohio Ave., $110,000


Mary E. Jibotian to Steven Sabat Jr., 4894 North Park Ave., $240,000

Mary A. Noble to James L. Goelz and Brenda J. Goelz, North Park Avenue, $150,000


Jonas J. Byler and Brenda K. Byler to Mark Edwards Smith and Melissa K. Smith, 10128 Bundysburg Windsor Road, $375,000


Andrew Masetta Jr. and Darlene L. Smilet-Masetta to Winfield Scott Priester, 111 Albert St., $310,000

Howard A. Yeager Jr. and Howard Arthur Yeager Jr. to Dakota M. Cottrill, Carson Salt Springs Road, $20,000


Wilemsa LLC to Emma L. Kish and Anthony Louis Rossi, 325 Lafayette Ave., $90,000

Timothy Tripodi to Ray Allen Blasko and Carol May Blasko, 1465 Tripodi Circle, $209,900

Janet Evans to Heather Kilbourne, 120 E. Woodland Ave., $79,500

NRZ REO XVIII LLC to Jeffrey L. Phillips, 1180 Salt Springs Road, $45,000


Michael M. Cunningham and Tracy L. Cunningham to Shannon R. Christner and Brandon M. Christner, 2423 Janice Drive, $255,000

Lauren Mauric and Dennis Scott to Elizabeth Rachel MacJones, 2793 Barclay-Messerly Road, $220,000


Gary L. Baker to Michael J. Kilcoyne, 8199 Rutledge Transfer Road, $65,000


Thomas A. Balestra and Ruth A. Balestra to RJF #1 LLC, 4626 Smith Stewart Road, $20,000

Jose Alappatt and Asha Alappatt to Shane F. Lofland and Denise D. Lofland, 5315 Warren Sharon Road, $870,000


Desirae N. Ainsley to Daniel Alan Marhulik, 427 Meadowbrook Ave., $130,000

Most Rev. David J. Bonnar Bishop to Robert J. Jones, 1483 Sheridan Ave., $37,000

George Prvonozac Sr. to Latunia J. Hubbert and Charles J. Hubbert, 1181 Robert Ave., $40,000

Edward J. Reghetti to Melisssa Monique Brown, 377 Laird Ave., $46,700

Harry D. Layfield and Jennifer S. Yocum to John R. Conner, 356 Pangborn Road, $20,000

Arthur E. Tilton to Guler Partal, Mateer Road, $155,000

Peter Grey to Rozlyn Rader and Paul Keaton, 227 Roselawn Ave., $96,500

Tracy K. Black to Esther F. Hanson and Marvin G. Hanson, 2868 Merriweather St., $89,250

New Candlelight Apartments LLC to Warren Owner LLC, 1088 Harvard Drive, $6,050,000

Properties 6 AM LLC to Lindy M. Good, 209 Broadway Ave., $225,000

Southwind Property Solutions LLC to Kirk A. Klawitter, 1674 Palmyra Road, $53,000

Ryan S. Williams and Haley Williams to Thomas M. Horsley and Denise W. Horsley, Mahoning Ave, $103,000

Justin Nyitrai and Paytra D. Nyitrai to Sara Braford, 1025 Homewood Ave., $50,000

Melissa D. Powell to Brenda L. Slage and John K. Slage, 1901 Willowbrook Drive, $155,000

JC Bicksons Holdings LLC to Pre Meer Property Management LLC, 1677 West Ave., $51,000

BNM Auto Group LLC to Murad Saadeldeen Aladhamio and Iyad Alsharif, 1361 N. Leavitt Road, $22,655

Pacific Meridian Holdings LLC to Exchangeright Net Leased Portfolio 58, 1840 Elm Road, $1,325,169

Charles W. Baker to Snow and Chevy Property LLC, 4001 Youngstown Road, $120,000

Marion I. Terpening to Bobbie J. Mayle, 209 Genesee Ave., $124,900

Phuong Dung Nguyen to Stephen Lefeber and Jenn Lefeber, 875 Palmyra Road, $40,000

Kim P. Christy to Gage Street LLC, 355 Bonnie Brae Ave., $66,001

Anthony M. Malone Jr. to Juan Lopez and Leonor Coronel, 2330 Mahoning Ave., $55,000

Christopher Vespucci to Denver Lee Adkins, 1700 Elm Road, $60,000

Danielle M. Totin to Family Lease LLC, Adelaide Avenue, $41,800

Frances C. Rozzano to Steven Hatzislexiou and Roger Morgan, 3511 Youngstown Road, $83,000

Steven Hatzislexiou and Roger Morgan to Rocket Man Retail Inc., 3511 Youngstown Road, $145,000

Debal Rentals LLC to Tyler Gregory, 330 Eastland Ave., $145,000


Teek Rentals LLC to Donald A. Learn Sr. and Georgianna A. Learn, 3681 Edwards St., $68,500


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