Property transfers

Property transfers recorded in Trumbull County June 13-17:


Craig L. Clemens and Diane I. Clemens to PCT Mobile Labs Inc., Hoagland Blackstub Road, $165,000

Gary M. Zuga Jr. and Lauren M. Zuga to Raymond J. Velez and Brittany K. Velez, 915 Perkins Jones Road, $202,000

Danelle Dann to George Mahramas Sr. and Gina Mahramas, 3247 Pheasant Run Unit B, $105,000


Barbara S. Puleo to RFR Enterprises LLC, 5767 state Route 82, $113,000


Jacob Foster to James Amato and Brenda Amato, 6779 North Park Ave., $225,000


Daren J. Price and Laura L. Stringham to M Walker Investments LLC, 6212 Oak Hill Drive, $197,618

Sandra A. Meyer FKA Sandra A. Sneed to Beth Ann Matasic, 101 Greenfield Oval, $140,500

Leah Dowell to Howard W. Caldwell and Doniella Caldwell, 5245 Calla Ave., $160,000

Patricia Jean Veres to Veres Venture Group Holdings LLC, Mahoning Ave., $35,000

Gregory W. Marsh to Randi N. Davis, 4947 Damon Ave., $71,000

Neff’s Landing LLC to Gilanyi Engineering and Manufacturing, 5400 Oak Hill Drive, $250,000

Joe Koch Construction Inc. to Anthony R. Click and Desiree M. Click, 774 Dalton Drive, $288,495


James T. Sinn to Gerald Wayne Page, 263 N. High St., $248,500

Daniel B. Zaben to Shane Smith, Fowler St., $154,500

Beau P. Hendricks to Neil Lax, 132 Gleneagle Court, $334,000

Nancy A. Marino to Mark Bartosik and Tara Bartosik, 240 Fox Run Drive, $260,000

Thomas P. Shortreed and Mary P. Shortreed to William J. Danso and Tiffany L. Danso, 189 Diamond Way, $340,000


William S. Davidson and Karen A. Davidson to Bank of New York Mellon, 4745 W. Lagoon Road, $70,000

Scott A. Fielder to William WJ. Byler Jr., 4776 W. Lagoon Road, $60,000


FGYNG LLC Robert J. Penza to State Street Girard LLC, 5 Liberty St. and State Street, $150,000

Eric W. Mitchell and Dana A. Mitchell to Alicia R. Kaufman, 205 E. Second St., $99,000


Mark A. Verrill to Dawnelle D. Jewell, Minor Orangeville Road, $137,000

Brett Bell to Erick W. James and Christine D. James, Hayes Orangeville Road, $265,000


Sean Ratican and Crystal Ratican to Alfred W. Wevers IV and Christine Wevers, 9245 Bay Hill Drive, $780,000

Richard J. Lander and Jo Anne Lander to Larry Lee Williams Jr. and Jennifer Lynn Scharf, 540 Avalon Drive, $370,000

Martin F. Logan to Sheri A. Fenstermaker and Douglas J. Fenstermaker, 3020 N. River Road Unit G1, $45,900

Verna M. Brown to Lyle E. Romine and Jennifer L. Romine, 636 Burning Oaks Road, $256,750

Justin D. White and Katherine M. Politano to Jordan P. Taylor and Kristen M. Taylor, 2067 Celestial Drive, $390,500

JGH Properties LLC to Joseph Ryan Foster, 7508 Anderson Ave., $180,000

Gerald E. Denno III to Francis J. McCarthy Jr. and Brenda Lee McCarthy, 385 Shaffer Drive, $215,000

Matthew Woomer to Issa Yacoub, 9309 Howland Springs Road, $36,000

Lori Foy and Timothy J. Foy to Joseph Porter, 3228 Woodbine Ave., $30,000

Kellie A. Witkoski and Ryan M. Witkoski to Eddie Kuhn and Mandi Kuhn, Stillwagon Road, $43,000

John Kelley to Reid Keeley, 3045 Ridge Road, $32,000

Charles D. Cammock and Leona M. Cammock to Brendan M. Cope and Carlisle M. Tofil Cope, Black Duck Court, $74,000

Terian Minor to Paul Stredney and Michelle Stredney, 3681 Hightree Ave., $185,000


Norman E. Notman to Nicholas Joseph Caesar III and Nicholas J. Caesar Jr., 3497 Creed Ave., $170,000

Josephine Willrich Russell and W. Willrich Jr. to Alexzander Mikeol Gay, 3673 Bonair Drive, $91,000


Mary Lou Kidwell to Ralph Thompson and Vickie L. Thompson, 8483 Main St., $20,000


Annamarie T. Quaranta to Jose L. Rosario Jr., 531 Liberty St., $159,000

Kenneth C. Werden Jr. and Kathleen A. Cvetkovich to Louann M. Camilletti, 4 Walker Circle, $250,000

MJCS Properties LLC Dietlaw Properties LLC to WCG Timber Ridge LLC and RP Timber Ridge LLC, 1104 Liberty St., $3,907,120

WCG Timber Ridge LLC and RP Timber Ridge LLC to WCG Timber Ridge LLC and RP Timber Ridge LLC, 1104 Liberty St., $1,132,880

WCG Timber Ridge LLC and RP Timber Ridge LLC to WCG Timber Ridge LLC and RP Timber Ridge LLC, 1104 Liberty St., $560,000

Joseph Allen Kennedy to Bryan Brown, 638 Goist Lane, $30,000

Shawn R. Hannah and Jaime E. Hannah to Kevin Lee Smith, Churchill Road, $165,000

Roseann Myers to Eric L. Seifert, 6528 Shaulis St., $80,750


George R. Ebling and Sharon A. Ebling to Russell Moser and Jillian Moser, 1456 Carlson Salt Springs Road, $339,000

Walter E. Steffey to Keri Hoard and Kyle Humphrey, 2219 Lyntz Townline Road, $205,000


Derek S. Emerson and Suzanne Emerson to Justin D. White and Katherine M. White, 702 Ravine Drive, $395,000

Eric N. Fortune and Maryalice D. Brindiar to Douglas C. Dambik, 412 Garfield Ave., $70,000


Ramon Marsch to Robert Wirt and Debra Ann Wirt, Bundysburg Windsor Road, $190,000


Andrea Robinson to Joseph C. Cetor and Cortney Marie Nock, Pritchard Ohltown Road, $72,500

Adventure Awaits LLC to Jason A. Israel, 409 Newton Drive, $60,500


David W. Mullin to Dragonz Den LLC, 2710 Robbins Ave., $75,000

Charles E. Miller and Kristina Lucia Miller to Micah R. Walton and Melissa L. Walton, 721 Bentley Ave., $229,400

Richard P. Poland to Christopher Poland and Jessica Poland, 178 Camrose Drive, $130,000

Nicole R. Fike to It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere LLC, 40 Summerberry Lane, $108,713

Brian Frantz to Terry Swauger, 546 Orchard Ave., $149,900

Christopher Carusso and Adriane Carusso to Kristina L. Miller and Charles E. Miller, 2645 Black Oak Drive, $275,000


ALM Family LLC to Rudy A. Fisher and Barbara M. Fisher, Doty East Road, $139,500

Norman W. Miller and Regina W. Miller to Norman W. Miller and Regina W. Miller, 3836 Painesville Warren Road, $120,000

Craig H. Gernentz and Theresa F. Gernentz to Ragine E. Baugher and Robert L. Baugher Jr., 3715 County Line Road, $180,000


John I. Moy and Tracy Moy to Fred Daniels and Margaret Daniels, 6315 Beach Smith Road, $322,500


Daniel J. Walk to Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC, 4392 Warren Sharon Road, $59,280

Jack Kirin and Geraldine J. Kirin to Raymond J. Wentz and Blanca Wentz, 438 Bonnie Brae Road, $251,000

A & J Real Estate Enterprises LLC to Timoty Giglio, 878 Warner Road, $125,000


Douglas R. McLeod and Kim R. McLeod to SL Hoover LLC, 1849 Parkman Road, $55,000

John H. Brown to Douglas W. Mellon, 2292 River Road, $90,000

Cory B. Clement and Deanna N. Cameneti to Alexander N. Elonen, Perkinswood Boulevard, $245,000

Lewis C. Cairns Jr. to Cory Clement and Deanna Clement, 3224 Halsey Drive, $275,000

James J. Yost to Lindsey Palm, 1361 Bradford St., $55,000

Thelda F. McManus to Diane L. Hearrell, 1604 Willowbrook Drive, $220,000

Janer Lea Yohman and Judith L. Strawn to Omara A. Omar and Basel A. Omar, 228 Dickey Ave., $30,000

Charlene I. Schultz to Collin J. Headley, 2053 Oakdale St., $100,000

Ernest M. Haynes to Edward Allen Miller Jr., 404 Bonnie Brae Ave., $58,500

James W. Graham to Tesla Yakell, 1333 Eastland Ave., $155,000

Kathryn A. Callanan to James M. Townsend, 454 Vine St., $35,000

Kenneth Schultz to Trevor E. Gregory and Angela Elaine Gregory, 1786 Larchmont Ave., $80,000

Rita Ann Hurst to Shawn Caldwell and Marilyn C. Caldwell, 731 Gillmer Road, $201,500

Albert Guarineri and Company to River Gate High School Inc., 152 Charles Ave., $475,000

Cuddle Hugs and Kisses Inc to Renee Bell and Alonzo Bell, 853 Atlantic St., $55,000

Robert M. Karl to Curtis Ray Cosner, 1466 Stafford Drive, $175,000

Christopher Popescu to PJC Farms Inc, 1524 Hollywood St., $62,700

Barbara J. Snowden to Green Pointe Management LLC, 697 Trumbull Ave., $50,000


William L. Lasher and Jeanette L. Lasher to Justin T. Lasher and Stacy L. Lasher, 3797 Meander Drive, $295,000

Terri M. Gilliam Bianco to Scott Mead and Brenda Mead, 753 Belvedere Ave., $47,000


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