Lordstown advances water agreement for Trumbull Energy Center

Final decision set Tuesday

LORDSTOWN — Village council and the board of public affairs are scheduled to meet Tuesday to make a decision on entering into a water service agreement with Warren for the Trumbull Energy Center project.

Village council on Thursday held a special meeting, giving the second of three readings for entering into the agreement.

“Both the village and schools have a lot at stake with this agreement. We hope to have this all resolved by July 5,” said Mayor Arno Hill.

The village and energy center have been in negotiations over a contract for water.

Village council and BPA both face crucial votes to supply water to the more than $1 billion project.

Resident Mark McGrail said residents question why the energy center and the village don’t go with the Mahoning Valley Sanitary District for water.

“You seem to be talking about one option for this waterline when you actually have two, which is our current supplier. Was there a comparison and cost analysis of both proposals? There has been misinformation that MVSD doesn’t have the capacity,” he said.

McGrail said he wonders about the benefit to the village in getting water from Warren and not the MVSD.

Solicitor Paul Dutton said the village has not enacted any ordinance to purchase water from Warren since 2019. He said Warren officials provided a water proposal for the TEC project. Officials said the village will benefit from real estate tax revenues from the project and village schools will benefit from the income taxes.

Resident Richard Biggs said MVSD officials presented a proposal to Lordstown and has the capacity to serve the plant and should be considered. He questioned why TEC officials want Warren water.

Council President Ron Radtka said with the engineering design of the energy plant, the chemical composition of the water that can be provided by Warren is different from the MVSD.

“There is a major difference between the chemical composition of what they are intending to process in their cooling towers versus the water that would come from Meander. The Warren water has what they need for their internal cooling process,” said village engineer Chris Kogelnik.

The company’s president, Bill Siderewicz, said last month he wanted to break ground on the plant in July.

Hill said he is concerned some residents in the village do not want the project.

In other business, council on Thursday gave final reading to entering into an agreement for funding of legal, engineering and administrative costs with Clean Energy Future Trumbull LLC for the energy center.

Council last month approved 6-0 spending up to $5,000 for the Board of Public Affairs to have a study done by an outside agency to look over the agreements for the Energy Center.


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