Property transfers

Property transfers recorded in Trumbull County June 6-10:


Brent W. Michalchick to Dennis Ryan and Denise Ryan, 2466 Northview St., $199,000


Amanda K. Squibbs to 878 Warner Road LLC, 878 Warner Road, $120,000

Jeffrey W. Sipe to US Bank National Association, 7189 Warren Sharon Road, $58,000

Herman E. Reigelman and Sally Reigelman to Crystal M. Curry, 6359 Warren Sharon Road, $140,000

Giuseppe Holdings Co LLC to Brookfield Plaza LP, 7317 Warren Sharon Road, $525,000

JV Ferrara to Brookfield Plaza LP, 7281 Warren Sharon Road, $75,000

Kathleen M. Wilster to Shane M. Merchant and Casie R. Scott, 936 Lynita Drive, $192,000


Janet J. Urmson and Cynthia J. Tripodi to Donald Stevens and Donna Stevens, 4622 Verona Ave., $105,000

Pricilla S. Winans to James A. Stiffy, 5783 Sarah Ave., $161,000

Joshua W. Barna and Amanda S. Higgins to Nicole R. Frazier and Aaron M. Frazier, 4821 Hiram Ave., $161,000

Bonnie Sweitzer and Michelle L. Haines to Tony Sauer, 679 State Road, $56,000

James Day to MAK Realty LLC, 5267 Craig Ave., $60,000


Neil Roman and Jacqueline B. Rygalski to Antonio A. Ellis and Nicole B. Ellis, 184 Stahl Ave., $170,000

William F. Collins Jr. and Lisa M. Collins to Gina M. Sylvester and Alex D. Dager, 361 Deer Creek Trail, $315,000

M Walker Investments LLC to Janessa M. Rhoades and Nicholas M. Rhoades, 446 Fowler St., $239,900

Thomas J. Rowland and Shannon D. Edie to Charles B. Warrix III, 163 and 165 Mecca St., $156,000

Donald R. Palladino to Rick Fabian and Brenda Pyle, 136 St. Andrews Court, $329,900


Stephen L. Hemberger to Jason Robert Futey, 5574 Houghton Phelps Creek Road, $290,000

Danny Kuhns and Cindy Kuhns to Jacob R. Schlabach and Ellen E. Schlabach, Phalanx Mills Herner Road, $65,000


M Walker Investments LLC to Bay Street Homes LLC, 3721 Wilson Sharpsville Road, $249,000


Richard L. Heydle and Cynthia A. Heydle to Christopher A. Shell, 112 Crumlin Ave., $77,500

Edward Frame to Christopher I. Benitez, 149 Davis St., $55,000

Richard Dyer and Grace Dalessandro to Marty J. Mazella, 540 Powers Ave., $50,000


William J. Longwell and Ruby L. Longwell to Robert Matthew Thompson, Custer Orangeville Road, $178,000


Sam Stergo to Hutton Warren Elm Ohio St. LLC, 3495 Elm Road, $535,000

Peter J. Johnson and Loraraine A. Johnson to Aaron Solinger and Debra Anna Soliner, 7764 Micawber Drive, $124,000

Destinee A. Salman and Dwight C. Barnett to Jeffery A. Martinez, 4018 Jeanette Drive, $152,000

James Bennett and B. Darlene Bennett to Charles Rescer, South St., $43,000

Cory A. Floyd to Nathaniel Ball, 958 Howland Wilson Road, $185,000

Raymond J. Wentz to Dwaine L. Craig and Stephanie A. Craig, 8396 Anderson Ave., $174,000

Keith Hoffman to Kathleen Wilster, 103 N. Aspen Unit 3, $162,000


Ronald T. Wine and Dorothy J. Wine to Gregory W. Clark, 2155 Hubbard Thomas Road, $249,000

James A. Chaney and Ronald L. Chaney to Providence Investment Properties LLC, 736 School St., $47,000


Sunbury Farms LLC to Alicia R. Cherry and Stephen B. Cherry, state Route 193, $167,000


Charles F. Lauth to Erin L. Arnold and Alex J. Bilek, Kinsman Ridge Road, $360,000


Luxury Hotel Inc to Cardinal Realty LLC, 4100 Belmont Ave., $365,000

Equigrowth Properties LLLP to Tracy Duffey, 391 Goldie Road, $190,777


Randy Gallatin and Cliff A. Gallatin to Randy C. Gallatin and Courtney Rae Gibson, 6141 S. Tod Ave., $120,000


Stacey Semaan to Charles Repomoto III, 415 Illinois Ave., $118,000

John E. Haring to Zachary J. Champa, 913 Ohio Ave., $117,000

Laurie Burgess to Dawn M. Howell, 440 Nebraska Ave., $178,000


Anthony Grayson Jr. and Marcellene Ann Grayson to Janice Ann Sullinger and Raymond E. Russell, Morrell Ray-Housel Craft Road, $27,000

Thomas Drawl to Michael Batholomew and Rebekah Dyson, 5469 state Route 46, $182,000


Amy L. Smith to Brenda A. McClain, 2033 E. River Road Unit 38A, $211,000

Rachel Moore to Great Lakes House Buyers East LLC, 61 Mahoning Drive, $20,000

Darryl L. Knight to Christopher Thomas, 407 Oak Knoll St., $45,000


Mala Gupta and Rakesh Gupta to Berry Management LLC, 1050 Youngstown Warren Road, $360,500

Durst Holdings LLC to John A. Naples, 121 Holford St., $49,000

Loren Hall Jr. to Joseph Cupan Jr. and Joanna Cupan, 701 Trumbull Ave., $145,000

Patricia Bonacker and Patricia A. Bonacker to Patricia Goodwin, 998 Orchard Ave., $132,000

Marlyne Young to William C. Collier Jr. and Christine A. Collier, 406 Washington Ave., $105,000

Jalto Holdings LLC to William Chavis, 21 Lafayette Ave., $75,000

Wendy Garrison to Donald R. King, Oxford Ave., $94,000

Equity Trust Company to Janice L. Lantham and Gerald F. Lantham, 991 Vienna Ave., $138,000

Linda M. Bennett to Peggy Fauvie, 1888 Meadowlark Drive, $213,000

Todd Thomas and Becky Thomas to Vernon Realty LLC, 138 Hyde St., $55,000

Divvy Homes Warehouse A LLC to Jeffery J. Rowland and Tracy L. Rowland, 472 Isaac Ave., $154,143

Louann M. Camilletti to Tanya M. Green, 562 Wyoming Ave., $325,000

Case Belle House Management LLC to SCPB LLC, 1695 Timbers Court, $593,000

Ronald J. Aulet and Jamie L. Aulet to Creech Holdings LLC, 414 W. Federal St., $43,000

Guy Ronald Altiero to Francisco Melendez and Amaril Florez, 504 N. Bentley Ave., $100,000


William Romigh Jr. and Taylor Romigh to Gloria Hoke, 2395 Janice Drive, $325,000


First York Financial LLC to Patricia Vanhorn, 1851 Irene Ave. NE, $52,500

Tiffany Jean Butler to Samantha K. Gushura, 1757 Westwood Drive NW, $88,000

Mark S. Zigmont to Todd A. Timler Sr., 3752 N. Tod Ave., $125,000

Barbara K. Johnson to Carol Tsilimos and Marcus J. Tsilimos, 1121 Woodbine Ave., $35,000

Eugena Franze to Timothy J. Sekela, 320 Perlinswood Boulevard, $55,900

Mickel Hebrock to Phillip J. Elser and Dannielle M. Elser, Rio Vista Road, $60,000

Phillip J. Elser and Dannielle M. Elser to Jeremy L. Thibideau, Rio Vista Road, $170,000

Sandra S. Holesko to Aaron Michael Lichwarcsik, 1369 Woodland St., $63,500

Headlands Asset Management Fund to Headlands Asset Management Fund III LP, 2037 Oakdale St., $37,418

Chuck Bloom to Paul E. Bloom, 1754 Elm Road, $70,000

Marlene A. Nahhas to Bilal Nawaz Gondal, 1006 Perkinswood Boulevard, $46,000

Dennis B. Keener to Chad A. Musson, 2231 Stewart Drive, $90,000


AMHC Northern Ohio LLC to HH Brentwood Manor LLC, 4044 Brentwood Manor, Deforest Road, $3,175,000

Mathew Glidewell and Bethany Glidewell to Sarah Gruber and Mark Miller, 3760 Niles Carver Road, $245,000

William T. Toth and Jacqueline S. Toth to Arianna Toth, 2286 Bellwood Ave., $72,000


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