On the record – Newton Falls

WHAT: Village council meetings June 1 and 15

PRESENT: John Baryak, Tesa Spletzer, Christopher Granchie, Julie Stimpert and Mayor Ken Kline


• Authorized City Manager Pam Priddy to sign an agreement with EVO ECO of Youngstown to perform necessary emergency services on the presedimentation basin at the water treatment plant due to a mechanical failure and to allow plant operations to resume to full capacity. Cost is not to exceed $65,000. Officials said there was a mechanical failure and the system that collects the sludge doesn’t work. The system needs pumped out and cleaned to see what the issue is;

• Scheduled a caucus session for 5 p.m. July 6 to discuss proposed charter amendments and changes to be placed on the November ballot. The changes were recommended by the charter review committee;

• Approved proceeding with the sale of the former tax office building at 417 N. Center St. to Donnie Reid Enterprises for $57,500. The building no longer was needed by the village;

• Voted by a 2-2 tie vote, with Kline casting the “yes” vote, to pass accepting a proposal from GPD Group for the Ridge Road distribution pole line design project not to exceed $43,000. Officials want to enhance economic development opportunities and extend electricity distribution north on Ridge Road to the intersection of state Routes 5 and 534. Baryak and Spletzer voted yes and Granchie and Stimpert no;

• Approved sewer rates for utility customers from 2022 to 2025.Effective July 1, the sewer rates for metered customers will be $15.47 in the village and $17.97 in the township based on 1,000 gallons. In 2023, the cost is $16.40 in the village and $19.05 in the township. In 2024, it is $17.37 in the village and $20.19 in the township. In 2025, is $18.25 in the village and $21.20 in the township;

• Approved rates for unmetered customers effective July 1. The effective township metered rate per 1,000 gallons will be used based on the following household size categories. A one- or two-person household will be billed at 3,000 gallons per month (metered rate times 3) and for three-plus person household will be billed per 6,000 gallons per month (metered rate times 6).

— Bob Coupland


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