Treasurer to retire, plans return

Girard board backs action to keep official

GIRARD — With Girard Board of Education members saying that Treasurer Mark Bello knows the school district, they plan to rehire him after his retirement on July 31.

In March, the board approved a resolution of Bello’s intent to retire and then be rehired by the district in August. Bello has served 33 years as a treasurer, with 28 years in Girard.

A public hearing on Bello’s proposed retire-rehire took place Thursday, but no community members attended. Board President Mark Zuppo said while he is not a supporter of retire-rehire, he understands Bello’s knowledge of the district, and the district will save money.

“We have had 27 years of great audits,” he said.

He said the administration will prepare a new contract for Bello to be acted upon by the board in June or July.

Board member Diane Alejars said the district has “one of the best treasurers” who has served the district well. Other board members agreed Bello should come back since he has done a great job and stayed with the district almost 28 years.

Bello said he has enjoyed his time in Girard and “doing what is best for the district.”

In other business, the board approved tabling for updates and amendments a memorial policy for when people want to make donations for permanent memorials for the schools such as markers, benches or trees.

Alejars said she “was not 100 percent happy” with what is being proposed as guidelines. She said many great people have come through the school system but wants to know who determines who is greater than another with a permanent marker on school property.

Alejars said if people want to memorialize someone, a scholarship for students is an ideal way.

Board member Vincent Ragozine suggested a list be compiled of what memorials will be permitted on school property such as the schools or football stadium.

Board members have wanted to have markers or trees on the school property, and people have asked for memorial benches.

Zuppo said the board of education and the superintendent should make the decision on a memorial request.

Board member Sue Ellen Davis suggested compiling a list of needs of the district that people could select from and make a memorial donation for one of them. Davis said she has found that past memorials to the schools have ended up in different nonschool sites in the city.

“We need to think this through when someone wants a permanent memorial,” she said.

Bello said each request could be handled on a case-by-case basis.


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