This Week in History: Lightning killed man carrying bucket

99 years ago in 1923

A Warren man fell victim to the first spring electrical storm when a bolt of lightning descended upon the man as he was walking along Burton Street. The bolt struck and instantly killed John Mihai, 50. His brother-in-law, John Azran of 1120 River St., who was nearby, was uninjured.

Mihai’s death was the only serious casualty in Ohio directly traceable to the thunderstorm and sudden cold snap with snow and near freezing weather.

Mihai, who had been in Warren only about three weeks, coming from Barclay, W.Va., left the open hearth plant of the Trumbull Steel Company shortly before 5 o’clock, and with the brother-in-law was on the way to his home at 1137 Milton St.

A new and shiny steel bucket which swung beside Mihai as he walked briskly along was cited as having attracted the lightning bolt.

Azran, who was walking slightly behind and to one side of Mihai, said he saw a sudden great flash of light and Mihal fell to the ground. What appeared to be a great white flame danced on the sidewalk and in an instant was gone.

50 years ago in 1972

A telephone cable containing trunk lines for the Bristol area was deliberately cut with a sharp instrument, United Telephone Co. officials reported. The cutting disrupted phone service to about 1,200 Bristol customers for several hours.

A 28-pair cable was cut in two different places. The cutting occurred about 200 feet west of McCleary Jacoby Road on West Main Street in Cortland, in the southwest corner of Hillside Cemetery.

Bristol UT phone customers could call within their own exchange but Bristol toll traffic goes the through Cortland UT office, it was reported.

It was the first case of cable cutting since mid-March in the UT Warren District.

25 years ago in 1997

A rabid raccoon in Vernon was the 25th confirmed case of the disease in the Mahoning Valley, health officials said.

That case and raccoon-strain rabies in Hubbard and Brookfield around the same time caused Ohio Department of Health officials to expand their battle lines west with a vaccination drop.

Steve Wagner of the state health department, speaking at a forum on rabies at Kent State University Trumbull Campus, said 100,000 pellets — fish meal baits with a vaccine center — would be air-dropped and hand-delivered in Trumbull, Mahoning and Columbiana counties.

Of the 25 local cases, all by one were in raccoons; the exception was a cat.

10 years ago in 2012

A smile broke across Haylee Bartram’s face as she realized “Mrs. Doris” had arrived.

The 5-year-old knew what to expect from Doris Freeman — a whole new round of lesson plans and supplies designed to help Haylee, who attended preschool at Warren’s Willard school, prepare for kindergarten.

“She gets excited to see her,” said Loretta Bartram, Haylee’s mom. “She knows she’ll have books or something with her, fun stuff we can do together.”

Freeman was a parent partner who visited Haylee’s house once a month as part of Warren SPARK program, or Supporting Partnerships to Assure Ready Kids. The early education home-based program helped preschoolers build their reading, language and social skills.

— Compiled from the archives of the Tribune Chronicle by Allie Vugrincic.


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