Property transfers

Property transfers recorded in Trumbull County May 9-13:


Deutsche Bank National Trust Co to Brenkert Construction LLC, 3203 Durst Clagg Road, $112,300

Carmen M. Irvin to Blake Legerski and Makenz Moody, 2275 Niles Cortland Road, $136,000


Richard A. Harris and Marjorie F. Harris to Brooken Brinsfield and Jean L. Brinsfield, 675 Mahan Denman Road, $150,000


Robinson Real Estate Investment to Robert Elser Jr., 7256 Lee Road, $377,000

Englewood Properties to Land Shark Realty LLC, 562 Nellie St., $464,400


Kathleen McDaniel and Marian Koren to Robert J. Namola, 287 Center St., $170,000

Robert J. Namola to Robert J. Namola, 287 Center St., $170,000

Milton E. Eddie to Joan C. Halkovics, 541 Eldon Drive, $115,000


Roger L. Coe to Stephen J. Prindle, Lakeview Drive, $42,000

Mark Greene and Rebecca Greene to Jodi M. Gorman, 227 Stahl Ave., $165,000

Shawn C. Wolfe to Joseph A. Naples, 318 Deer Creek Trail, $194,000


Benjamin H. Mooney and Samatha Mooney to James Mooney and Lorena Mooney, 188 Main St., $27,000

Marjorie Smith and Arnold Smith to US Bank National Association, 4809 Warren Painesville Road, $34,000


Thomas R. Fugitt to Nathaniel Howard Fretwell, 4100 Ridge Road, $159,000

David A. Bush and Patricia J. Bush to Vickie L. Hafner and David M. Kriz, 3081 Sodom Hutchings Road, $423,000


AMDG Kinsmen LLC to Markie N. McCurdy and Brian Matyas, 27 Smithsonian Ave., $128,000

John M. Cannell to Andrew J. Patterson and Brian N. Femia, 48 Stambaugh Ave., $54,000

Louise F. Vouk to Miranda M. Velhek, 719 Kline St., $133,000

John Dutting and Marna Dutting to John V. Penza, 508 Ohio Ave., $31,500

Henrietta M. Lewis to Jacob R. Miller, and Claire L. Kawecki, 629 Powers Ave., $150,000

Pearson Brothers Land LLC to Cupcakes Future LLC, 280 Louis St., $126,335


Carla D. Nalbach to Ronald R. Kolonich Jr. and Robin R. Kolonich, 7790 Micawber Drive, $140,000

April Mack to Brandon Wilkins and Jennifer Wilkins, 3849 Aleesa Drive, $265,000

Kimberly M. Griffin to Kevin James Cunningham and James Elizabeth Cunningham, 302 River Glen Drive, $160,000

Spring Run Limited No. 2 to Jeffrey S. Limber and Sandra Limber, Red Rock Run, $77,900

Paul G. Cassudakis to Zachary M. Tomasiak, 3778 Bellwood Ave., $164,622

Michelle L. Dempsey to Dawn Marie Brooks, 1337 Niles Cortland Road, $99,150


JJF3 LLC to Michael A. Stiver, 1680 Brookfield Ave., $180,000

Ashley N. Gentile to Taylor R. Chuey, 623 Gary Ave., $105,000

John Reed to Gina M. McClaskey, 409 Jackson St., $95,022

Russell Berlin and Matthew Berlin to Megan Berlin, 3597 Liberty St., $80,000

Diane M. Diaz to Matilda J. Siverston, 1817 Kokomo St., $175,000

Gregory P. Conti and Donna Marie Conti to Chestnut Ridge Church of God, Chestnut Ridge Road, $36,500

David L. Bucknot to Curtis Crump, 2181 Hubbard Masury Road, $45,000

Michelle Willingham to William Raymond Lather Jr., 6442 Washington St., $74,900

Robert A. Williams to Anthony Paul Rich, 524 Moore Ave., $130,000


Amy L. Tingley to Kimberly Keseloff and Robert Keseloff, 3519 Dunbar Lane, $265,000

Robert Lingsch and Doris Lingsch to Glenda Alloway, 547 Bradley Brownlee Road, $25,000


Mary Lou Handzlik and Kimberly Rose Rice to David M. Huelsman and Megan M. Matsik, Ward North Road, $52,000


Richard Abrams and Karen H. Abrams to Jeffrey S. Berman, Courtney L.M. Brem, 801 Mansell Drive, $350,000

Leslie W. Thomas to Warren F. Dresher IV, 1241 Townsend Ave., $82,000

Alec M. Studer to Kevin DuMaire, 904 McArthur Ave., $140,000

Ronald S. Brown to Ronald Vincent Brown and Ronald S. Brown, 458 Seacrist Lane, $120,000

Frank Egercic to Pennymac Loan Services LLC, 991 Powers Ave., Unit 4, $55,000

Justin Nieves and Carlos Nieves to Tyler Lucas, 113 Euclid Blvd., $117,000


Justin M. Cornelius and Jessica L. Cornelius to Timothy Chismark, 340 Indiana Ave., $80,000


Teresa M. Crew to Nathan Mika and Macie Merriman, Warren Road, $140,000

Jeffrey Wood and Sheryl L. Malyuk to Alexis Blevins, 3282 Carson Salt Springs Road, $197,500


K&G Rentals LLC to Destinys Touch Real Estate LLC, 505 North Road, $415,000

Herbert A. Loree to Sherry L. Gromley, Clark St., $121,500

Michael Marchionette Properties in Ohio LLC to Hill Top Properties LLC, 1625 Hiram Ave., $251,500

Joseph A. Cornicelli Jr. and Anthony M. Cornicelli to Jeffrey C. Crowley and Maria C. Crowley, 1505 Ravine Court, $128,300

Carmen J. Rocco Jr. and Vickie P. Rocco to Matthew T. Lohne and Jaclyn M. Lohne, 715 Park Ave., $25,000

Luis E. Cali and Sandra B. DeRose to Mathew A. Brown and Jamie Brown, 221 Ann St., $56,000

Robert Bowman to Jeffrey D. Tyron, 515 Fifth St., $183,000

Nancy Flaviano to Tracy Gardner and Brock A. Monteforte, 1762 Belle Terre Ave., $121,500

James Blaser and Julie Blaser to Jalto Holdings LLC, 135 Blossom St., $22,000


Nicole M. Arganti to Brian R. Dobay and Patricia A. Russo, 4778 Doty East Road, $115,000

Thomas Natale and Megan Natale to Wallie J. Weaver and Mary E. Weaver, 2669 Leiby Osborne Road, $125,000


Patricia G. Jennings-Davis to Brice E. Sweitzer and Linda L. Sweitzer, 5134 Youngstown Conneaut Road, $105,000


Shawn Harrison to William E. Harrison, 1376 Norwood St., $86,000

SGH Properties LLC to Anthony J. Platt, 550 Freeman St., $47,000

Daniel A. Raszmann Jr. to Joseph Gearhart Jr., 1831 Ferndale Ave., $34,000

Benjamin J. Talanca to Jonail LLC, 3089 Starlite Drive, $30,000

Delzora Jennings to Jonathan Stringer, 2925 Carlton Ave., $80,000

Melanie M. Wood and Kimberly M. Elser to Cedrick Evans, 4950 Risher Road, $299,900

Donald R. Lindenmuth to James J. Ford, 527 Woodbine Ave., $50,001

Mickey M. Moyer Jr. to Elizabeth A. McFadden, 343 Woodbine Ave., $98,000

Eric L. Warner to Jonathan E. McNemar Jr., 4035 Leavitt Road, $168,000

Alice D. Tomko to Brian Zupp, 305 Kenmore Ave., $140,000

Charles J. Buchanan and Sandra K. Buchanan to David Guido, 161 Kenmore Ave., $53,000

Joseph J. Smith Jr. to Tristin D. Seifert Sr. and Christina L. Seifert, Raymond St,, $76,400

George Prvonozac Sr. and Catherine T. Prvonozac to Christopher R. Bacon, 1616 Clearmont Ave., $79,400

Atlas A. Ford Sr. to Jason M. Buday and Cindy M. Buday, 3861 North Woods Unit 3, $125,000

Richard Keith and Pamela Keith to Hayle Elizabeth Allison, 1315 Westwood Drive, $145,000

William Andrew Jones Jr. to Damion Meeker and Niccole Marie Meeker, 1537 Westwood Drive, $110,000

John T. Bentz and Jacqueline Bentz to Marilyn Williams, 465 Fairway Ave., $224,000

Scott M. Herron to Mark D. Beasley and Debra A. Beasley, 920 Glenwood Ave., $36,000

Zachary G. Meade and Trista L. Meade to Destiny Labbe, 1916 Lexington St., $85,000


Patrick N. Narh-Martey, and Lash N. Pittsto Ernest F. Wiley Jr. and Joanne Jasleen Saldana, 2218 Crestmont Drive, $270,000

Donna Hall and Gregory Moler to Loretta J. Ecklund, 2623 Morris Lane, $230,000

Ryan M. Brdek to Jamie L. Blair, 3935 Edwards St., $165,000

Nathan J. Gallo to Caleb S. Hill, 2765 W. Liberty St., $49,000

Nathan J. Gallo to Caleb S. Hill, 2767 W. Liberty St., $94,000


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