Golden Triangle receives ARP funding and a cleanup

HOWLAND — A $2.7 million American Rescue Plan Act grant will bolster infrastructure improvements in the industrial area dubbed the Golden Triangle, officials said Thursday during a check presentation at PrimeMetals Technologies on Dietz Road.

The money will be used to improve roads and sewers in the industrialized areas. The project is expected to generate more investment and build a more resilient manufacturing industry to diversify further the regional economy.

The grant will be matched with $664,459 in local funds and is expected to create 116 jobs, retain 118 jobs and generate $47 million in private investment, according to local officials.

The area known as the Golden Triangle is heavily industrialized and manufacturing land mostly in Howland and Warren. It includes Larchmont and Paige avenues, Bronze and Dietz roads, Griswold, University and Dana streets and portions of North River Road.

The three projects being done with this money include a $1,799,793 intersection reconfiguration on Larchmont Avenue / Overland Avenue and Bronze Road; a $988,051 intersection reconfiguration on Paige Avenue and Dana Street; as well as a $534,450 Bronze Road Improvement project.

Howland Township Administrator Darlene St. George described the start of the Golden Triangle Coalition in 2014 after her office received an email from U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan’s office about an available grant. They contacted other local communities about working together to maximize the area’s opportunities to obtain funds.

“The Golden Triangle is one of the largest primary metal manufacturing hubs in Ohio,” she said. “It encompasses about 1,000 acres of existing under-utilized manufacturing and vacant land available for future development.”

It has grown through the investment of public and private partnerships.

During Ryan’s check presentation, a man carrying a bullhorn stood across the road repeatedly yelling, “We want Medicare for all” and “Tim Ryan, stop being a modern-day Republican.”

Ryan quipped to attendees, “You Republicans hear that? You call me a socialist. You’re not speaking up.”

Ryan, D-Howland, said public investment leverages tens of millions of dollars, maybe even hundreds of millions of dollars, in private investment that allow areas to grow.

“The rescue package was about getting money for economic development for local communities,” he said.

“Look at what is going on with Voltage Valley, with Foxcom, Intel, HomeGoods and all of the suppliers that want to be around the battery factory,” he said. “I can’t think about a better time that if you’re a young person that left, you have an opportunity to come back.

“These are going to boom for everyone,” he said.

Warren Mayor Doug Franklin said working with members of the Golden Triangle has brought true economic development into the Valley.

“We are giving businesses the tools they need so they can flourish and grow,” Franklin said.

Trumbull County Engineer Randy Smith said the $2.7 million in ARP funds will address truck traffic in and around the Golden Triangle.

Also occurring in the area Thursday was a cleanup of the roads around triangle area.

Kim Mascarella, planning director of Howland Township, said volunteers from the 35 businesses in the triangle, along with students from Howland High School and various governmental agencies, worked together to to clean up the roads.

“It is a day of service,” she said. “We’ve been doing this for quite a few years. We did not do it during the last two years because of the pandemic. The purpose to instill a sense of pride. We are making it better for businesses to operate here.

“This is something that the private sector and government can work together on,” she said.




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