Property transfers

Property transfers recorded in Trumbull County Nov. 22-24:


Renee M. Zumerling to Matthew J. Mikula and Bridget Mikula, 2279 Bianca Lane, $295,000

Trevor O. Penn and Allison Penn to Matthew C. Jones, North Park, $215,000

Willard E. Armstrong and Joan E. Armstrong to Levi D. Zook and Anna E. Zook, 4458 N. Park, $440,000


Brian M. Lipinski and Andrea L. Mariani to Ashley E. Potter, 4371 McConnell East, $173,000


Allen L. Sparks to Charles M. O’Brien and Christine L. O’Brien, 2114 Bristol Champion Townline Road, $420,000

Jason Knepp to Kyle Stern and Sarah Stern, 634 Bristol Champion Townline, $187,000

Donald L. Wildman Sr. to U.S. Bank National Association, 5802 state Route 45, $30,000


Jeffrey Wayne Campbell to Joshua A. Cox, 6235 Amy Boyle, $205,000

John Jacob Hane to Caleb N. Shoaff and Julianne Shoaff, 538 Obermiyer, $120,000


CDR Joseph Edward Redick to Nathaniel S. Smith and Bethanie Riffle Smith, 614 Bristol Champion Townline, $175,000


Jason R. Campana and Angela M. Campana to Nancy K. Tuttle, 1111 Elizabeth Court, $319,900

Melissa J. Patchin to Matthew Sloan, 605 Cedar, $179,900

Colonial Square Comre LLC to Suleiman Holdings Inc., 415 S. High, $850,000

Kenneth W. Williams and Renee E. Williams to Mark Brenton Paul, 617 Wakefield, $155,000

Therese L. Navarra to Richard M. Kelsh Jr., 277 E. Main, $60,000


Ohio Woodlands LLC to Kenneth Harland II and Kara Joyner Harland, Church, $73,000


Ronald L. Jacops II and Aura M. Jacops to Eric F. Wojcik, King Graves Road, $120,000


Girard Real Estate Developers Inc. to Bagheri Enterprises LLC, 106 Prospect, $250,000


Basil J. Renner to Durst Holdings LLC, 7725 Anderson, $120,000

Daniel Cook and Deborah Cook to William K. Miller, 517 Heatherwood, $145,000

Jennifer L. Zelinsky to Marisa M. Gardner, 3229 Woodbine, $95,000

Mary Jo Gisewhite and Lori Mordent to Philip P. Pickard and Lisa M. Pickard, 2889 Hilda, $87,900

Linda S. Arbogast to Donald J. Barzak, 2500 N. River Unit A10, $45,000

Sonya Hayes to Jennifer D. Vennitti, 3934 Adrian, $147,000

Joshua Swogger and Angela M. Swogger to Michael E. Billett Jr. and Rikki L. Billett, 8531 Kimblewick, $415,000

Paula M. Gibson to Phillip Von Monrean, 303 North Linden Court, $221,450

Rhonda Kapcsos to Properties 6 AM LLC, Schenley, $85,000


Marion Muder to Daniel K. Miller, 7455 John White Road, $142,000

Gregory Tarr to Dana L. Takash, Water, $125,000

John Polochak Jr. and Karen A. Polochak to Raymond D. Cordova and Lynn A. Cordova, 349 Caroline, $89,900

Vincent M. Ingles to Kimberly Ann Hoppe Merlo, 1642 Cullinan, $50,000


Jane A. Morris to Lolita Clark, 5212 Ridge, $108,000

Andrew S. Hunter and Vickie L. Hunter to Nicholas Timko III and Renee M. Zumerling, 5074 Ridge Road, $390,000


Roy E. Myers and Lisa L. Myers to Aaron D. Davis and Justine Welton, 9280 Warren Meadville, $252,000


Brandon Kachurchak and Kaitlyn Katchurchak to Lorraine L. Flohr, 901 Royal Arms, $203,000

Vikki Shontz and Michal Goterba to Vikki Shontz, 519 Santa Monica, $29,800

Steven W. Woodfint and Sandra E. Woodfint to Kyle Hofius and Zachary Smith, 3101 Logan Way, $280,000

Bruce H. Luntz to Craig Ruggles and Laura Ruggles, 5775 Sampson, $200,000

Brian C. Colburn to Eric White and Desirae White, 117 Mill Run, $113,000

Marianne T. Cicoretti and Donna Bodzak to Lawanda Maddox and Jonathan Rodgers, 4970 Sampson, $164,900

Charles William Denison III to A&K Investment Group LLC, Belmont, $35,000

Lorraine M. Palm to Wayne E. Mackey and Amber Mackey, 5825 Sampson, $224,000


Beverly A. Toth to Mathew J. Foit, 322 Pennsylvania, $82,500


James E. Lane to Steven Douglas Miller, La France, $133,000

John A. Lambis to Richard Eastman, 1605 Ridge, $75,000

Constance E. Lynch to Charles Robert Sitko, Webster, $85,000

Aleene M. Carrino to Eric E. Edwards and Kennedy Joy Edwards, Ravenna, $139,900


Rocco N. Prezioso Jr. and Deanna J. Fickes to Michelle P. Bayma, 621 Washington, $126,550

Joshua Marzullo Jr. and Linda Marzullo to David G. Patrone and Destiny R. Johnson, 908 Frederick, $71,500

Richard A. Petrosky and Deonne M. Petrosky to Dianne Kathleen Pappada, 1124 Shadowridge Drive, $185,000

Karen J. Caldwell Smith and Jerry C. Caldwell to Karen J. Caldwell Smith, 1628 Roosevelt, $65,950

Mary E. Ream to Matthew J. Smith and Jillian P. Swauger, 1332 Clark, $155,000


Roy E. Elza and Justine L. Elza to David Brakovich, 3019 Parkman, $115,000


Gary W. Cook and Kathy A. Cook to Jeremiah T. Pitoscia and Nicole Sok, 3828 Smith Stewart, $365,000


Russell R. Orris to J 1 Ohio Investments LLC, 706 Olive, $25,000

Phillip R. Townsend to Cindy Lewis and Don Johnson, 1387 Union, $37,000

Jerry Michael Gianoutsos to George Holdings Group LLC, 360 Bonnie Brae, $45,000

Steven A. Bennett to Laura J. Honaker, 973 North, $94,000

Barbara Funk to Rachel Perkins, 529 Potic, $80,000

Susan Montecalvo and John A. Ritchie to Jamie Lynn Hammond and Charles R. Hammond, 1171 Norwood, $87,000

Russell Reed Orris to J and I Ohio Investments LLC, 1005 Glenwood, $25,000

Deborah A. Yahnert to Trinity Investments for You LLC, 3456 North Park, $37,000

Judy A. Benka Means to Renita S. Harsch, 1120 Willard, $82,500

Christopher Ayres to Ryan D. Ford, 1368 Edgehill, $83,000

Kenneth Mealy and Gladys Mealy to Jeffrey Byard, 142 Comstock, $24,000

Joseph S. Novak to Julie A. McAdams, North Tod, $76,500

Pamela R. Mills to Tracy L. Brown, 3515 Woodside, $78,000

Gail O’Carnahan to Sherry Y. Batman and Barry D. Batman, 829 Willard, $145,500

Christopher S. Charnas and Kally A. Neckel to Ronald A. Prox and Joseph S. Novak, 1821 North Tod, $200,000


James E. Morrone and Kristine R. Morrone to Jonathan Edward Fauvie, 1063 Reservoir Run Court, $324,900

BLP of Niles LLC to BLP of Niles LLC, 511 Cassano, $50,000


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