Bristol rejects ATV rec site

BRISTOL — The Bristol Zoning Board of Appeals has voted 5-0 against allowing an ATV recreational area for property off Peck Leach Road.

Board Chairman Bill Beachler said the request for a conditional-use permit to allow public ATV riding in the area was denied.

Several residents who live nearby the 345-acre property on Peck Leach Road, Messick Road and Cory Hunt Road voiced their opposition to the proposed plan at a recent public hearing of the zoning appeals board.

Many of the more than 30 residents who attended said they were concerned with increased noise from the ATVs, increased traffic and if emergency vehicles could get to the area if someone was injured.

“There are many residents who oppose this. They live in the nearby neighborhoods and would have to deal with all the noise and traffic,” Beachler said.

Beachler said the board felt there was nothing concrete in the proposal, which also was a concern.

Dr. Stanley Fox of Cleveland, who owns the property that has a house used as an apartment on it, said he wanted to have riding areas for ATVs for family use as well as hiking areas. Fox said he has made improvements to the property, which also has a three-acre lake.

Officials said there would be no camping on the property. Fox said he has had problem with trespassers hunting on his property and dumping trash.

“I am retired and want to spend more time on my property,” Fox said.

John Scimone of West Farmington, a developer who has known Fox for years, said the eight-foot wide trails could be used by families for ATV riding.

“This will be family-oriented riding,” he said.

Scimone said the project had been planned in 2020, but COVID-19 delayed plans.

Fox and Scimone said there would be a $25 per day fee to use the area for riding. They said there would be a barrier buffer area around the 400 acres so no one could get into the property except through a gated fence at the front entrance. There would also be security cameras.

Concerns raised by residents were increased noise, increased pollution and trucks and trailers with ATV s on them damaging the roads.

Resident Ken Allen of Messick Road said he wass concerned with the increased noise, damage to roads and his property values.

“People will take other roads to get to the property. The constant noise is also annoying.” Allen said.

While several residents said they have no problem with Fox enjoying the trails on his own property, they were against making it an ATV park. Some other residents supported the idea.

“We can have them bring a nice business to Bristol. Give the guy a chance,” said Jimmy McFalls.

Fox said it would cost $100,000 to fix up the apartments. He said he has already made other improvements.

Scimone said about 320 of the 400 acres is usable for riding and plans were to open in May 2022.

Fox and Scimone did not say what they would do next.


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