Property transfers

Property transferred in Trumbull County Oct. 11-15


Eric Lee Adams and Denise Marie Adams to Matthew Chambers and Maria Cavileer, 2264 Bianca Lane, $370,000


J.B. Spencer to Donald Andrus, 7871 Warren Painesville, $55,000


Robert M. Filipovich and Patricia A. Filipovich to Lynn G. de la Court and Linda C. de la Court, 7444 Brookwwod, $250,000

John Mark Jablonski to Julie C. Taylor and Kenneth G. Taylor Jr., 831 state Route 7, $249,000

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Company to Sean P. Freel and Angela M. Freel, 7920 Third, $35,000

Bruce Kopp and Jason C. Kopp to William J. Saniuk, 5719 Everett East, $74,000

Gretchen Ann Miller and James R. Drabiskito Ryan James Ross, 6464 Stewart Sharon, $20,000


John L. Miller and Cindy L. Miller to Matthew A. Miller and Malinda M. Miller, 6194 Downs North, $185,000

Brent Swipas and Daniel M. Yocum to Tiffany R. Soltis and Thomas J. Soltis Jr., 4924 Damon, $85,000

R. Caldwell Holdings Company LLC to Eddie James Williams Jr. and Alysia Yvett, Dalton Drive, $26,000

Rachel E. Cline to Douglas R. Parke and Alexa Nogales, 899 Esther, $285,000

Shane Allen Brown to Rachel E. Cline, 5324 Mahoning, $130,000

Rust City Investments LLC to Carolyn Ann Alvarez, 815 State, $121,500

Christopher Tenney and Danielle L. Tenney to Scott Sharrer and Kelly Curtis, 238 Raymond, $174,000


RBMA LLC to Julie Holbrook and Anthony Holbrook, 102 Brent Place, $142,500

Frederick C. Sommers and Courtney T. Sommersto Thomas K. Moody and Lena M. Duva, 273 Corriedale, $205,000

Timothy M. McBride and Ruth Ann McBride to Courtney Sommers and Frederick Sommers, 417 Hawthorne Trail, $305,000


Tyler Neff and David Neff to Sonya Temelkoff, 1207 State, $49,900

Michele A. McBride to Jaclyn M. Keith, 514 Hazel, $122,100

Family Real Estate Solutions LLC to Brenda K. Spiker, 32 Olive, $48,000

Avery M. Mauger to Janice Hamm, 620 Washington, $87,550


Richard M. Stewart and Dawn M. Stewart to David A. Miller Sr., 9444 Chaffee Dodgeville, $122,600

William J. LeJeune Jr. and Christine LeJeune to Nathon C. LeJeune and Karlee LeJeune, 675 Kinsman Road, $220,000


Jesse C. Cromley and Robert Groom to Jesse C. Cromley and Robert Groom, 3712 Bruce, $57,714

Myron A. Miller to Justin Edward Herdman, North, $85,000

Ashley Baroff-Rufo and Vincent F. Rufo to Daniel Thomas Pelletier and Stephanie Anne Pelletier,1995 Henn Hyde, $295,000

Donald J. Davis and Pamela Ann Davis to Ryan Ferguson, 7837 Raglan, $181,001

Wilmington Savings Fund Society to Douglas L. Wilcox and Lana L. Wilcox, 3016 Hilda, $63,525

Struthers Subway LLC to Mah Salimabadi, Overlook, $90,000

Eric M. Stevens to Richard A. Preibon, 2364 Silver Fox Lane, $63,150

Ashdown Property LLC to Ashdown Property LLC, 8601 E. Market St., $400,000

Ruby M. Coleman to Daniel L. Monroe, 2632 Harvey, $30,000

Michael A. Kolonich and Barbara L. Fontaineto Robert Hoffman, 2054 Celestial Drive, $267,500

Barbara L. Dimare to Sandra L. Richards, 262 N. Linden Court, $201,000

Jan Moody to Jeffrey R. McClure, 3540 Surrey, $141,750

Eric A. Buente to John Michael Snyder, 1283 Howland Wilson, $165,000

Brittney M. Lenno to Benjamin Lenno, 1707 Stillwagon, $135,000

Terry L. Kratzer and Cheryl J. Kratzer to Glenn A. Gault and Jessica Gault, 9380 Bay Hill, $650,000


Benjamin J. Washington to Jeffrey T. Wylie, 159 Hager, $85,000

Chasidy L. Ballack and William H. Ballack to Trevor Noble, 3357 Franklin, $99,000


Deborah J. Illencik to Robin Rochelle Hunter and David Hunter, 3701 Oakwood, $35,000

Irene Manente to Heather M. Seno, 1668 Shannon, $105,000

Anthony S. Gutierrez to Kevin Jefferson and Kyara Jefferson, 607 Northlawn, $215,000

Joseph G. Datchuk to Nicholas Eugene Foard and Ashley Nicole Foard, 625 Underwood, $110,000

Jose M. Perez and Yolanda Perez to Peter J. Lee, 1996 Oriel Rogers Road, $45,000

Marlene Connors to Reenar S. Rios and Christopher Rios, 102 Mill Run, $128,000

Richard Herbert and Richard H. Brauer to Amber Davis, 511 Murray Hill, $159,000


Gloria M. Kassan to Gloria M. Kassan, 2335 Lyntz Townline, $300,000


Jose S. Evans and Virginia C. Evans to Morris A. Frazzini and Sandra L. Frazzini, 805 New Jersey, $165,000


Donna M. Riddle to Mark Shaffer, Morrell Ray, $41,000


Levi E. Wengerd and Martha K. Wengerd to Chester C. Miller and Amanda S. Miller, 8511 Parkman Mespo Road, $280,000


Paul K. Clingerman to Tracy Welch and Tracy Phillips Welch, Franklin St., $155,000

John M. Mazanetz and Shelley R. Mazanetz to Amy Nolen, 601 Canal, $102,000

Winfield S. Priester to James D. Michael, 413 Ridgeway Place, $93,000

Bernadette J. Clonch and Ronald A. Clonch to James Welsh and Kayla A. Welsh, 5060 Woodlawn, $260,000

Andrew Olson to David A. Johnson and Megan E. Johnson, Charleston Road, $197,500


Patricia A. Turchon to Jacob Robert Skiba, 1449 Hillcrest, $94,000

Arlene D. McCauley to Timothy J. Sanders, 73 St. John, $120,000

James Berry to Daniel Eschman and Alexandria Eschman, 844 Bentley, $190,000

Patrick E. Cooke to Black Belt Investors, 529 Stanton, $54,000

Maria L. Weber / Maria Weber to Lynn Ruhlman, 517 Lafayette, $98,900

Leonora E. Waldron to John E. Repula, Dakota, $140,100

Deborah F. King to Kevin J. Exley and Renee S. Exley, 185 Fairlawn, $122,000

Captive Home Designs LLC to Eric D. Lewis, 913 Park, $71,700


David A. McCafferty to David A. McCafferty, 3990 Hoffman Norton, $145,000

David A. McCafferty to Alan Lee Yoder, 3990 Hoffman Norton, $102,500


Vernon United Methodist Church to Vernon Center Properties LLC, 6123 Youngstown Conneaut, $65,800


Huntington National Bank to Tammy L. Dalrymple and Walter R. Dalrymple, 1597 Dilley, $24,900

CVF III Mortage Loan Trust II to Froilan Raygoza, 241 Kenmore, $60,000

Chris E. Roscart to Ada Bloom and Nicole Bloom, 3181 Starlite, $70,500

Sara L. Garner to Lucas Howard, 2992 Beal, $95,100

Anthony M. Robertson to Thuan Au, 2111 Beachwood, $110,000

Tamaria M. Iriane to J and I Investments LLC, 979 Columbia Place, $30,000

Jean A. Cairns to Adam Rossi and Ashley Rossi, 271 Golf, $455,000

Tyler Neff and David Neff to Froilan Raygoza, 1535 Niles, $33,000

Warren Lynwood Trust to Brad M. Gargas, 3459 Lynwood, $79,000

Deborah J. Illencik to Gary D. Lockett and Carolyn Lockett, 1306 Surrey Pointe Drive, $158,000

Nancy Kouvaris to Carlos Lutfi and Gina Lutfi, 924 Hazelwood, $55,265

Christopher J. Gregory to Cary Clayton Carter Jr. and Candace Marie Carter, 1337 Oakdale, $125,000

Dennis Remond to Tina M. Button and Laurence J. Button, 1344 Brighton, $56,500


John Joseph Yaksich to Jeffrey Radachy, 1545 W. Park, $158,500

Shabla Holdings Limited Liability Company to Cicero Concrete Company LLC, Youngstown Warren, $40,000


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