Property transfers

Property transfers recorded in Trumbull County Oct. 4-8:


Daniel Stuart Croyle and David Fritz to Wilbur Thomas Reese Sr., 3237 Pheasant Run Unit B, $82,500

Eli Box Jr. and Vivian M. Box to Jesse Champ III and Tessa Champ, Wilson Sharpsville, $32,000

Dwight M. Callahan and Jeannette M. Callahan to Blue Star Family Counseling Services, 3008 State Route 5 Unit B, $157,500

Patty L. Stracola to Kendra M. Blevins, 3169 Ivy Hill Circle Unit C, $80,000

Paul M. Klacik and Julie A. Klacik to MGK Land Holdings LLC, 2263 Elm, $71,000


Cheryl J. Shuster to Leo G. Lake and Sherrie F. Lake, 7300 Oakwood, $100,000

Maureen UnRuh to Thomas M. Crozier and Kimmie J. Crozier, Merwin Chase Road, $45,000

Robert P. Bathory and Karen L. Bathory to Anthony S. Barbieri, 7902 E. Second, $112,000

Robert L. and Josephine Hougelman to TCF National Bank, 8134 Lincoln, $53,827

Mercedes Heinselman to Michael Mark Marin, 7958 Third, $35,000


Keith D. Hellock to Stephanie Hofmeister, 145 Stewart, $125,000

Travis McGuire to Oscar W. Smith III and Regina M. Smith, 5133 Kuszmaul, $148,326

Shirley E. Aubel to Eli Ray Byler, 4260 Templeton, $165,200

Jacob O. Pawcio Sr. to Harry Saunier Jr. and Kelly Saunier, 2158 High, $200,000

Jacqueline M. Brown to Joshua R. Scholten and Allison N. Lather, 205 Eldon, $115,000

Sharon Ann Nicopolis to Donald C. Sell and Greta A. Sell, 6671 Downs North, $294,000

Dean R. Kimpel and Diane Elser to Terry M. Asutin and Elanore B. Antonelli, 190 Airport, $45,000

Denzil F. Taylor to Peggy Fauvie, 4771 Bond, $224,000

Jacob MC Grimm and Rachel E. Shrock to Robbie A. Hostletler, 2100 State, $195,000

Hoostal Homes LLC to Jeffery Alan Romain Jr., Juanita, $77,500

Scott A. Mackey to Keith D. Hellock, 5929 Doris Jean, $165,000

Yvonne M. Franks to Steven Rock and Patricia Ann Knight, 5266 Pierce, $142,000


Alan J. Kirkpatrick to Norman D. Field, 214 Natale, $197,000

William E. Batchelder to Nathan Elliot Floyd, 229 Terre Hill, $215,000

Matthew P. Bobbey and Carla J. Bobbey to RTM Development LLC, Fowler, $132,000

Donut Enterprises LLC to Angela W. Gidden, 297 Sunset, $107,300


William P. List to Andrew P. Detweiler and Maria Lynn Detweiler, 5747 Painesville Warren Road, $203,500

Kristi A. Cornicello to Lawrence V. Elwood and Nicole M. Jacques, 345 Main, $20,000

Mark J. Dolezal and Patricia S. Dolezal to Johnathan D. Detweiler and Emma J. Detweiler, Ensign Road, $60,000


Angela M. Sheely to Sheldon M. Long and Hailey N. Long, Orchard, $167,500

Brittney Stanford to Connor Matthew Scott and Brianna Jean Scott, 437 Wilson, $130,000

Paul Senko to Kenneth M. Sappio, 1213 State, $55,000

Maria Ragozzino to Agostino Ragozzino, 54 Maple, $98,000

Alison Donnelly and Angela Logue to Gerald D. Gammon, 645 Joan, $150,000

Michael C. Logue to Larkin Street Homes LLC, 120 Morris, $124,057

Stephen M. Phillips and Leda S. Phillips to Zafar Ahrorkulov, 253 E. Second, $56,000

Joanna Elizabeth Neary to Mark V. Wagner and Wendy A. Wagner, 104 Smithsonian, $25,000

William L. Hart and Pamela Hart to Erinne R. Musacchio, 121 Townsend, $146,000

Hayden Misik and Sue R. Misik to Joseph A. Marino Jr. and Susan M. Marino, 2165 Whispering Meadows Drive, $240,000

Ray M. Duttle and Linda L. Duttle to Dylan A. Price, 807 North, $120,000


Wladyslaw Chwirut and Mary Chwirut to Troy L. Clayman and Melissa A. Clayman, York St., $70,000


Harry E. Davy to Brian M. Martin, 537 Liberty, $129,000

Glenn A. Gault and Jessica D. Gault to Trust Investment LLC, 2020 Celestial Drive, $385,000

Timothy J. Mohney II and Kaila M. Mohney to Elaine A. Tharp, 7901 Brockwood, $190,000

Jacob A. Stringham to Amber Rachel Hurton, 210 Howland Wilson SE, $165,000

Heidi Ann Grischow and Carolan J. Skowron to U.S. Bank Trust National Association, 1416 Atlantic, $55,000

Elizabeth J. Curtiss to Steven M. Wasil and Carrie A. Wasil, 500 Muir Woods, $360,000

Michael J. Berczel to Tamala M. Goerl and William R. Goerl Jr., 9080 Altura Drive, $334,400

Roger L. Swegan and Rosalee J. Kis to Warren Business Association LLC, 2054 North Road, $150,000


Douglas A. Harnett to Michael Harnett, 6906 state Route 88, $177,150

Amanda M. Black and David G. Black to James M. Protopapa and Sandra J. Protopapa, 1834 Cherry Lane, $216,000

David Ray Shamblin to Jason M. Williams, 941 Woodland, $78,500

Katie L. Allen to Brianna S. McMath and Kylan David James Montgomery, 52 Fifth, $118,500

Joe Koch Construction Inc to Gregory W. Lindsay and Michelle M. Rusu, White Oak, $394,345

Barbara A. Clemente to Garrett Lee Kelsh, 531 Meadowland, $171,500


James V. and Patricia A. Perline Jr. to James Leonard Ruckman and Penny L. Holobrook,5461 Ridge, $200,000

Edward Medved and Lisa Medved to Jenna Gearhart and Ryan Wilson, 5418 Ridge, $280,000

Brooks L. Sutcliffe and Amanda M. Sutcliffe to Joshua M. Upshire and Tara M. Upshire, 6284 state Route 5, $175,000

Johnston Federated United Methodist Church to Carla Kaye Wilburn, 6306 Kingsville, $100,000

Dominic Marchese and Diana J. Marchese to Dominic Marchese and Diana J. Marchese, Stoddard Hayes, $24,000


Kathern M. Kreutzburg to Richard B. Thompson, 8304 State, $170,000


J I G Investments Inc to TPJK Holdings LLC, 4300 and 4308 Belmont, $1,260,000

Donna Stoyanov to M Walker Investments LLC, 1781 Pleasant Valley, $21,000

It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere LLC to Dan Hunt Contracting LLC, 4039 Parkwood, $56,000

John E. Fusco and Grace M. Fusco to Chelsea L. Harris, 916 Pinecrest, $128,000

Nabil Aburahma and Fadwa Aburahma to Albert Larry Tolbert and Monica Leann Tolbert, 245 Trumbull, $186,500

Dale E. Wright to Nellie Y. Soto and Carlos C. Pimental, 841 Taylor, $72,000

Rocco Parillo and Rosemarie Parillo to Master Realty LLC, Goist, $20,000

John R. Comer and Gloria D. Comer to US Bank National Association, 3511 Fifth, $253,440

Thomas K. Moody III to Michael Kovacich, 3320 Anderson Morris, $220,000


Kathleen M. Hood to William W. Conn, 1576 Carson Salt Springs, $120,000

Debra L. Shaffer to Danielle N. Ambrose, 1611 Rustic Run, $169,000

Richard E. Burns Jr. and Rose M. Burns to U.S. Bank National Association, 6661 Palmyra, $45,000

Thomas L. Caldwell and Susan R. Caldwell to Georgeann Dirando, Pleasant Valley, $21,000


David P. Yakubik to Carl D. Dixon, 7104 North Park, $420,000


Steven L. Schmucker to Benjamin A. Miller and Leah J. Miller, 5239 Burton Bloomfield, $175,000


Lori M. Falb to Gerald Pereces, 1020 Water, $94,000

OH Penn Construction LLC to Robert G. Brock and Velma M. Brock, 8 Olive, $61,000

Matthew M. Bate and Janet S. Bate to Edward Duncan and Sharon Duncan, Arlington, $230,000

Kimberly Young McPhail to Tonya Yeary, 5623 Ravenna Road, $75,000

Tina M. Switzer to Emi Sato Coffman and Anthony Coffman, state Route 534, $23,000


Jalto Holdings LLC to Tierra L. Thomas, 404 N. Bentley, $76,000

Family Real Estate Solutions LLC to Justice Hollerich, 724 Mason, $67,000

Donald L. Dunmire to Leslie D. Palmer, 1533 Robbins, $133,900

MPJK Inc to Remrow LLC, Youngstown Warren, $172,500

Dillon M. Morgan to Sharon A. Hollins, 516 Orchard, $165,000

Connie L. Santucci to Robert J. Butcher and Carol A. Butcher, 26 South Bentley, $160,000

Pamela L. Garcia to Lindsay M. Buckner and Brian Michael McGill, 853 Vienna, $146,000

Dovie L. Phillips to Anthony Batee and Talera Battee, 969 Bentley, $68,000

Jeannie Cali to Alec Weber, 198 Cleveland, $108,500

Bradley R. Rek to Abigail Bickerstaff, 161 Mill Creek, $176,500

Family Real Estate Solutions LLC to Michael Jond, 32 Victor, $64,723

Susan D. Findlay to Tammy Struble, 308 Russell, $99,000

Michael P. Mandras to William A. Tomory, 426 Vine Court, $26,080

Home and Lane Developers LLC to Victors A. Maiette and Tracy L. Nase, Parkside, $295,952

Trumbull Rentals LLC to Dawn M. Martin, 4083 Jeanette, $139,900

Nicholas A. Verina Jr. and Allyson M. Martinto Elizabeth Huff, 1453 Kearney, $105,800

Scott R. Hall and Shelly A. Rummell to David W. Mack and Nancy A. Mack, 962 Park Place Drive, $269,900


Lori Robinson to Jacob J. Gingerich and Betty J. Gingerich, Stroups Hickox, $80,000

James S. Yoder and Arlene S. Yoder to John Daniel Hrebert and Lori Herbert, 4649 state Route 305, $181,000

Joanne Cummins and Jeffery O. Cummins to Michael A. Russo Sr., 4146 Barclay Messerly, $170,500

Lelah Wilson to Melvin U. Byler and Susan M. Byler, Stroups Hickox Road, $80,000

Marcy E. Scheckelhoff to Jacob Mc Grimm and Rachel E. Grimm, 4616 Hoffman Norton, $240,000


Patrick T. Clemente to KAP Leasing LTD, 1770 Windsor Trace, $360,000


Elizabeth Ann Solarz to Brittanee Moyer, Charles, $72,000

Richard W. and Bonnie K. Mallory to Patricia D. Walters, 1910 Northfield, $120,000

Donald M. Yankle Jr. to Richard Lee Sheppard Jr. and Marjorie Sheppard, 4463 Willow Creek Drive, $155,000

Rita F. Benson to Trevor B. West, 2495 North, $165,000

HMW Equity Funding LLC to Natalia McQueen, 2885 Clearwater, $38,425

Edward J. Haller to Jason Statema and Kelly Statema, 2936 Catalpa, $94,500

Eugenia R. Garrison and William P. Garrison to Bethany D. Hill and Adam M. Wilson, 1132 McKinley, $55,000

John Neal to Melissa M. Simeon, 707 East, $138,000

Sarah M. Baker to Timothy M. Silvis and Shani Shreffler, 4558 Eagle Creek, $165,000

Funtulis Property Group LLC to Dorian Marcell Townsend, and Courtney Renee Townsend, 1525 Arthur, $128,000

Laura Beth Monroe to Shannon M. Roberts, 2219 Oakdale, $99,000

Gloria A. Rolf to KOKO Property Management LTD, 2434 Stewart, $48,400

David E. Taylor to Joseph P. Pecorello and Judith A. Pecorelli, 3871 North Woods Unit 5, $87,000

FD Warren Ohio Youngstown Road to Exchangeright Net Leased Portifolio 5, 2430 Youngstown, $1,750,743

Jeffrey S. McClellan to Renee Evans and Gerald Jonsyn, 3155 Williamsburg, $32,102

Lori Anne Hunter to Madison Taylor, Palmyra, $88,000


Anthony D. Cretella to Mathew R. Reed and Deanna M. Reed, 610 Marshall Road, $130,185

David Claybourne and Sharon Claybourne, to Jarod Zillinger, 1186 Emerson, $33,000

Country Meadows LTD to Country Meadows LTD, County Line, $40,000

Lisa Shane and Jeffrey James to Jennifer Lea Miller, Bellwood, $30,000


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