Property transfers

Property transferred in Trumbull County Sept 27-Oct. 1


Winifred Y. Daniel to Gerald F. Lange, 3480 Ivy Hill Circle Unit C, $88,000

Susan S. Flint to Donald F. Brainard and Bessie C. Thorp, Northview, $26,000


Diane M. Wood to Cody J. Boatwright and Joy Boatwright, 9647 Penniman Road, $286,000


John R. Rumancik and Deborah A. Rumancik to Charles Edmund Baker Jr. and Mollie Delessa Baker, 1996 state Route 534, $439,900

AEM Services LLC to Teresa Stevens and Matt A. Stevens, 3464 Warren Ravenna, $190,000


Renee M. Eggers to Allen A. Miller and Joe Allen Yoder, 978 Housel Craft, $90,000


Ann B. Miller to James R. Cunningham and Marilyn H. Cunningham, 459 Golf, $175,000

Randy L. Stottlemire Jr. to Trenton M. Herbert, 6619 Stewart Sharon, $150,000


Marcy D. Cochran to Kenneth Stoffer and Jeanette Stoffer, 121 Greenfield Oval, $155,000


Bayview LTD to Roseane Eartly, Bayview Drive, $255,000

Alexander Property Development to Evan J. Steele, 710 Lakeview Drive, $119,000

Stanley Vangilder to Julie L. Bevilacqua, 252 Wae Trail, $183,755

Travis M. Lupton Sr. to Wayne A. Loftus, 477 North High, $140,000

Joseph Christopher Duda to Jody S. Riley and Amy J. Riley, 112 Emerald Lane, $163,000


Allen B. Troyer to Heather L. Baldwin, 4741 Lake, $108,000


Community Loan Servicing LLC to Augusto Ventura, 40 Second, $20,000

Kathleen L. Superak to Caitlynn Midlick, 16 Townsend, $84,400

Travis L. Kifre to KWA2017 LLC, 708 St. Clair, $54,000


Bernard J. Misiura and Monica I. Misiura to Jerry Allen Smith, 6668 Spencer Clark, $115,00

Colin W. Brubaker to Weston R. Balentine, 3059 Bushnell Campbell, $151,000


Randy D. Blum and Gyneth J. Blum to Tuyen Le, 401 Willow, $125,000

Stanley Armstrong and Jerilyn Armstrong to Melissa A. Palmer, 7646 Venice, $85,000

Ned Underwood to Adam Buchen and Wesley Moy, Howland Wilson, $625,000

Kyle J. Kelsh to Anthony S. Rawlison and Jessica R. Rawlison, 3863 Devon, $175,000

Todd Krok and Sherry Krok to Charles M. Rogers, 7716 Anderson, $110,000

Frances C. Jones to Antonio J. Yannucci, 1201 Pleasant Valley, $186,000

Emmanuel U. Brown to Stanley Alan Armstong and Jerilynn Armstrong, 857 Shady Lane, $217,500

Gearmar Properties LLC and Ohio Limited Liability Co. to Perrino Commercial Properties LLC, Larchmont, $60,500

Carol Seemann to Jaylan Weaver and Lashall D. Purdie, 7904 Cherry Hill, $119,500

Dawn R. Lightner to Robert M. Filipovich and Patricia A. Filipovich, 2275 Whispering Meadows Drive, $198,000


Shirley Myers to James Robert Yohman and Michelle Yohman, 5933 Carter, $100,000

Joanne S. Lewis to Jeffery W. Creed, Vicki L. Creed, 251 Parkview, $115,000

Kenneth P. Oyler to Gary Taylor and Audrey M. Taylor, 34 Mackey, $71,400

David J. Kyle to Trina Rich, 321 Grandview, $87,500


David E. Denman and Mary Ann Emery to Jason M. Paridon, 6885 Kingsville, $25,000


John J. Aiello and Martha Aiello to Sonald Price II, 3577 Staunton, $140,000

Katherine F. Ostrosky to Mary E. Sliwinski, 21 Walker Circle, $215,000

Andrew Miranda Jr. to Amos R. Fegley, 1185 Keefer, $30,000


Robert J. Boyle Jr. and Mary L. Boyle to M Walker Investments LLC to 5778 Palmyra, $130,000


Anthony P. Tisone to H2 Capital Partners LLC, 307 Seventh, $72,000

Louis M. Baal and Joyce E. Baal to Jacqueline Treharne and Michael Helco,705, Florida, $159,900


John Louttit and Tina Louttit to Tiffanie Nichole Mohan, 4894 Eckman, $89,900

Mary Kathleen Swingle to Lisa Milota, 3220 W. River, $160,000

DDY To Jerry A. Coabot and Claudia D. Coabot, 991 Milton Boulevard, $130,000

Brenda Knight to David Warner, 223 Marshall, $95,000

Gregg P. Crissman to to Courtney L. Sole, 2964 Rosetta Boulevard, $110,000


Julie C. Taylor and Kenneth G. Taylor Jr. to Joseph T. Strait, 424 Seneca, $78,000

Donald F. Ladd to Gavin Herbert, 246 Emma, $86,600

Ronald P. Emery and Lucrezia M. Emery to Justin J. Bosio, 344 Cleveland, $215,000

Family Real Estate Solutions LLC to Robert Eldon Sheetz Jr. and Cheryl Anne Hanshaw, 49 Victor, $65,714

Candace K. Christy to EZ Holdings LLC, 924 Lafayette, $52,000

Charles L. Maze and Linda m. Maze to Stephen M. Nenadic, 82 Higley, $34,000

Thomas M. Musch and Kelly S. Musch to Jeffrey Roden and Brittany A. Seelinger, 411 Scott, $86,500

Albert F. Calfo II to Bobbie Jo Boyd, 830 Robbins, $250,000


Aaron T. Heikkila and Jennifer Heikkila to Kevin Dean Alcorn, 3110 Parkman, $199,900


Brian L. Bachman to Emmalie J. Cole, 5054 Coal, $85,000


Norman Field and Chantle Field to Glenn Elliot Jr. and Pamela Elliott, 1457 Woodland, $115,000

ACP 3 LLC to Jolla Re LLC, 385 Oak Knoll, $63,000

Homes R Us LLC to Equigrowth Holdings LLC, 1814 Southwest Boulevard, $150,000

Auburnwoods Properties LTD to Equigrowth Holdings LLC, 1781 Sweetbrier, $25,000

Richard E. Furr and Angela J. Furr to WGIP Properties LLC, 218 Forest, $32,900

Virginia M. Hoyt to 618 Leo LLC, 1457 Atlantic, $72,100

Phillip E. Raptis and Diane L. Raptis to Douglas M. Campanella and Deborah C. Campanella, 525 Fairway, $306,000

Keith E. Boley to Barbara Dandream 680 Woodbine, $47,500

Joh Huegel to Ofelia De Angel and Rafael Madrigal, 389 Foster, $110,000

Matha A. Kopec to Brenda Nemes, 398 Belvedere, $103,327

Barbara A. Lindenmuth to Michael Clark and Madison L. Clark, 193 Vermont, $28,000

Ronald T. Maruskin to Emmanual U. Brown, 3860 North Woods Unit 5, $73,000

Quantina L. Thomas to Stacey M. Gardner, 1548 Oak Knoll, $39,700

Qianna C. Wade to Robert A. Lee and Karen S. Lee, 1020 Fairway Court, $359,000

Donald Hayda Jr. to Christopher Lough Sr., 1206 Francis, $80,000

Barbara Pearce to Edward E. Hribar, 3831 North Woods Unit 1, $92,000

Jeremy T. Starr to Mathew Hallas, 453 Vine, $76,000

Daniel R. Bagaglia to Connor Allen, 716 Mercer, $36,000

Basement Outreach Ministries Inc to William Joseph Schwentker, 803 Buena Vista, $92,000


Jacob W. Yochman to Justin W. Jernigan and Amanda E. Jernigan, 1746 Rosalyn, $185,100

L. Loretta Bequeath to Gary J. Schimpf Jr. and Deidre A. Schimpf, Owsley North, $56,100

Joseph Kramer Jr. and Mary Ann Minick to Keith Ray, 1661 Warner Court, $140,000


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