Marriage licenses

Marriage licenses granted in Trumbull County Oct. 4-8:

Edward F. Palestro III, 33, Hubbard, and Ashley M. Longwell, 26, Hubbard

Brittany N. Walters, 32, Warren, and Jesse D. Jarrett, 32, Warren

Brian W. Cotton, 45, Cortland, and Joylyn M. Lew, 47, Cortland

Amanda M. Ritt, 31, Girard, and Justin M. Hamerik, 31, Girard

Katherine J. McCann, 24, New Galilee, Pa., and Zachary R. Van Dusen, 25, New Galilee, Pa.

Cassidy R. Kovell, 21, Warren, and Andrew T. Burnfield, 21, Warren

Norman A. Miller, 21, Middlefield, and Carolyn J. Borkholder, 21, Middlefield

Jerry D. Drake, 63, Hubbard, and Karmelita M. Duchien, 68, Hubbard

Brenda A. Conley, 69, Warren, and Mark A. Giar, 60, New Albany, Ind.

John P. Gallagher, 27, McDonald, and Priscilla M. Day, 24, McDonald

Nicole L. Ulrich, 27, Warren, and Anthony J. Romano, 26, Hillsville, Pa.

Glenn E. Stephens, 56, Warren, and Lisa R. Starkey, 51, Warren

Christina L. Fisher, 43, Warren, and Nicholas L. Beith, 38, Warren

Jeremiah C. Rosa, 31, Warren, and Terri L. Belser, 33, Warren

Jessica L. Sexton, 29, Niles, and Alex J. Ploskodniak, 28, Niles

Ashley N. Degan, 27, Newton Falls, and James R. Alexander, 38, Newton Falls

Hanna R. A. Edwards, 22, Warren, and Brandon Z. Brown, 21, Warren

Selinda C. Sandoval, 45, Warren, and Dennis J. Sklenchar, 49, Youngstown

Brittany K. Snead, 22, Cortland, and Kyle S. Barnhart, 25, Cortland

Scott R. Sotak, 47, Warren, and Darla M. Mohn, 49, Warren

Julia N. Sorg, 31, Roberts, Mont., and Anthony J. Marcello II, 36, Cortland

Abigail M. Eastman, 30, Newton Falls, and Travis J. Wright, 31, Newton Falls

Aden P. Detweiler, 20, West Farmington, and Leona J. Troyer, 21, Middlefield

Tabitha A. Nickells, 30, Cortland, and Gregory H. Dean, 29, Cortland

Joseph R. Neal, 30, Vienna, and Lauren A. Fryman, 25, Lisbon

Austin T. Jones, 24, Leavittsburg, and Amanda F. Bergstrom, 24, Leavittsburg

Brooke A.J. Hawk, 22, Girard, and Michael S. McAllister, 25, Girard

Jeffrey J. Cayavec, 31, Girard, and Ronnie J. Wiltrout, 29, Girard

Barbara L. Kester, 25, Warren, and Gary S. Honeywood, 28, Warren

Brenna N. Hughes, 26, Warren, and Melvin U. Miller Jr., 26, Warren

Jeremy J. P. Shaw, 30, Cortland, and Nikolett Jordaki, 25, Parker, Colo.

Diana Schultz, 29, Girard, and William A. Wright, 29, Girard

Racheal M. Blankenship, 35, Girard, and Zebedee B. Nelson, 34, Austintown

Jayme N. Ritchie, 25, Canfield, and Robert G. Stark, 26, Warren

Rivon Hackett III, 42, Niles, and Alisha G. Webber, 33, Warren

LaTalia D. Jones, 33, Niles, and Anthony R. Patterson, 36, Niles


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