Property transfers

Property transfers recorded in Trumbull County Sept. 13-17:


James W. DiCiccio Jr. to Barbara J. Loomis, 3023 Ivy Hill Circle Unit A, $70,000

Patricia M. Campbell to Dalton A. McKeehan and Jennifer M. McKeehan, 1417 Everett Hull, $160,000

Denise M. Gmutza to Karen Dzanlo, 3139 Ivy Hill Circle Unit A, $77,300

Leo Scott Peters to Sandra Thomas and Roberta Tyree, 2782 Ivy Hill Circle Unit B, $67,500

Bobbi Guardalabene and Gregory Guardalabene to Durica Properties LLC, state Route 5, $115,000


Robert D. Yoder and Erma J. Yoder to Ervin E. Miller and Ella L. Miller, Oakfield North, $30,000

Geo W. Howe et al to Jesse James Wesolowski, 6320 state Route 45, $165,000

Morrison Apartments LLC to Kenneth R. Lord and Valerie J. Lord, Warren Painesville, $236,000


Eileen M. Polis and Matthew Adams Sr. to Nathan Mullen and Brandy Mullen, 6474 Shafer, $150,000

Richard A. Parker to Howard R. Lather, Mahoning, $72,000

William A. Trigg to Yoav Golan, 154 Durst, $95,000


Philip L. Bernier and Bonita K. Bernier to Michelle L. Spitler, 136 Winter Lane, $146,000

Joshua J. Franks and Jamie N. Franks to Jamie N. Franks and Leah M. Franks, 229 Greenbriar, $88,300

Justin N. Hinkle to Matthew E. Roscoe and Lauren A. Roscoe, 132 Willow, $160,000

Denny D. Martin and Suzanne Martin to Tommy X. Ngo, 175 Carolyn, $223,999


Juli A. Hugel and John J. Hugel III to Colton R. Mantz, 1705 Oak, $200,000

Dustin Rivera to Zachary Harlan Wolfe, Joan, $154,900

ALD SR to Sean G. Price and Jane L. Price, 425 Iowa, $37,000

Thomas Blount and Christine Blount to Edward C. Merola, 322 Ohio, $46,900

Hot Wheels 41 LLC to Merissa D. Marhulik, Avon, $75,000

Gail M. Licek to Professional Real Estate Inc, 859 Gary, $65,000

A L D Sr. to Lori L. Funkhouser, 27 Skoplee, $46,500


Trina L. Rich to Philip Annarella and Madelyn Annarella, 8502 Thompson Sharpsville, $285,110


Barbara K. Bournias and Sophia K. Kondoleon to Richard G. Blasens and Virginia L. Blasens, 2765 Gretchen, $146,500

Anisur Rahim to Anisur Rahim, 1458 Castillion, $29,500

Richard M. Hess to Betty L. Roberts, 2454 North Road, $305,000


Michael G. Tobey to David A. Begeot Jr., 3290 Beechwood, $100,000

Karen Gibbs to Jacob Murphy and Nicole Rogenski, Oakmont, $117,500

James R. Watson III and Susan M. Watson to Lihua Enterprises Inc, 5700 Youngstown Hubbard, $396,500

Betty G. Nittoli to Andrew Burke, 629 Saul, $134,200

Gerald F. Parish to Kayla M. Chaney, 396 Westview, $179,500

James Longwell and Amy Longwell to Robert F. Cole and Connie J. Cole, 525 Jackson, $142,000


Jamin G. Banning and Jairus A. Banning to Dennis Williams and Erica R. Williams, 5960 Mayburn Barclay, $110,000


Thomas J. Ezzo and Tamie L. Ezzo to William J. Malone and Janet Malone, 1126 Willowood, $215,900

Thomas M. Sherych and Valerie C. Guthrie, to Jacob T. Shaffer, 1203 Rose, $133,500

Sandra J. Melnik to Michael G. Gancarcik and Phyllis A. Gancarcik, 100 Squires Court, $195,000


William T. Holton to Michael V. Shaffer, 2048 Lyntz Townline, $305,000


Roseann I. Fox to Ryan Gearhart and Carolin Gearhart, 6335 Hoagland Blackstub, $90,000


Allen A. Miller Jr. and Mary S. Miller to James A. Miller and Naomi B. Miller, 8960 Girdle Road, $380,000


Linda E. Clark to Daniel E. Frazier Jr., 2848 Malibu, $210,000

Matthew P. Hogue and Ashley D. Hogue to Christopher Harold Squibbs and Caitlin Irene Squibbs, 349 Superior, $88,000

Sandra L. Thomas to Thomas James and Madison Impton, 348 Oak Knoll, $122,500

Cassandra M. Knight to TRK Properties LTD, 146 Woodland, $155,000


James C. Costello and Lisa M. Costello to Steven B. Fluker and Irene T. Fluker, 355 Hogarth, $200,000

Karen S. Sekeres to Dylan Ryan Sayers, 557 Wyoming, $149,900

Jennifer L. Rounds to Jon T. Eldon, 217 St. John, $56,900

Daniel Joseph Benver to Michael D. Keller, 20 Fulton, $80,000

Mark D. Narotsky to Glen Dates and Dana Gates, 1932 Stepney, $42,500

Ruby Land LLC to Kayla M. Martin Tenney and Patrick Tenney, 608 Scott, $25,000

James S. Hostetler to Ronald W. Cox and Michele M. Bova Cox, 746 Indiana, $84,000

Mary A. Rounds to Curtis Flaviani, 1470 Butterfield, $267,900

Hannah A. Groghan to Andrea Cylar, 38 Belmont, $20,000

Steven L. Smith to Virginia S. Walker, 182 Cleveland, $112,500


Raymond S. Bohn and Elmalyn Bohn to Kayla Renee Coldon, 3176 Warren Burton, $165,000


Vida M. Crump to John Alarie and Valerie Alarie, 616 Elm, $175,000


David H. McLain to David Roemer and Dorothy Roemer, 522 Willard, $160,000

Anisur Rahim to Anisur Rahim, 1458 Castillion, $29,500

John M. Johnson to Curtis L. Harris Sr. and Cynthia A. Harris, 875 Willard, $63,000

Kristi Ann Cornicello to Valent Meluch and Vedessa Meluch, 1016 Willard, $79,500

Sonya Vislosky to Eddie Nono and George Nono, 714 Laird, $79,900

Adam Rossi and Ashley Rossi to James H. Needle and Jessica M. Barnes, 857 Fairway, $365,000

Southwind Property Solutions LLC to Eric Belk Jr. and Miranda Cabeza, 1444 Grove, $40,000

Anne Marie Rowan to Helen Hornbeck, 3208 Elm Hill, $75,000

Henry L. Brown Sr. and Ceola Brown to Warrie A. Rodgell, 1627 Jackson, $25,000

Eros 74 Investments LLC to Lukefor Inc, 442 Belmont, $53,000

James A. Massey and Crystal A. Massey to Austin A. Arnold and McKenzie R. Ratini, Kensington, $180,000

Lisa Barger to Frank R. Johnson, Mahoning, $81.500

Patricia J. Sferra to Vicki Suzanne Fairbanks, 389 Quarry Lane, Unit A, $87,500


Theresa B. Marrari Goldner to Steven E. Queen Jr., 1551 Prospect, $362,000

EAS Management of the Valley to Terri S. Horn and Sylan D. Wilkerson, Niles, $139,900

David A. Biviano to Rubinic Asset Management Corporation, 1804 N. State, $189,000

Mollie B. Keevey to Tracy Guinaugh and Lindsey Guinaugh, Harmon, $76,000


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