On the record – Hubbard

WHAT: City council meeting Monday

PRESENT: Bill Williams, Bonnie Viele, Robin Zambrini, Michael Mogg, Michael Toda, Jerry Crowe, Ryan Hallaphy and Mayor Ben Kyle

ABSENT: Michael Kerr


• Heard from Struthers Mayor Catherine Cercone Miller, who attended the meeting, bringing pizza to council, for a friendly wager on the Hubbard vs. Struthers football game last Friday, which Hubbard won. Kyle said he gave Cercone Miller a Hubbard football jersey, which she agreed to wear at her council meeting on Wednesday. Plans are to hold the friendly wager each year and have a trophy stay with the winning community. Kyle said he plans to attend the Struthers meeting Wednesday;

• Heard from Kyle and other officials of problems of speeding in school zones, which is posted at 20 mph. Violators will face a fine and appear in mayor’s court. Kyle said fines are being increased for violations. Officials said there has also been problems with golf carts, ATVs and dirt bikes on city streets which is a violation;

• Set trick or treat for 5 to 7 p.m. Oct. 31.


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