Property transfers

Property transfers recorded in Trumbull County May 3-7:


Kathryn Bell to M Walker Investments LLC, 2852 Cadwallader Sonk, $280,000

Julie M. Hansen to Carl Zallow, 2510 Ivy Hill Circle Unit E, $72,000

Tonya D. Shelko to Kurt Miller and Jennifer Miller, McCleary Jacoby Road, $210,000

Lori Fiorino and Mary J. Samaniego to James M. Kohut and Emily M. Kohut, 3391 Ivy Hill Circle Unit A., $125,000

David M. Sova to Dylan S. Williams, 3251 Niles Cortland, $188,000


Tinker Sons Homestead LLC to Daniel J. Miller and Rosanna J. Miller, 9025 Penniman, $130,000


Darrell Moody and Amanda Crisman to Robert A. Fox, 6378 state Route 45, $124,000


Jennifer L. Katich to Gwyn Scheidt, George, $87,000

Nancy E. Straka to Modern Homestead LLC, 7850 Third, $25,000

Marilyn McFarland to Roseann Sereday, 7304 Oakwood, $54,100

Curtis Crump to Michael J. Palumbo and Lisa M. Palumbo, Addison Road, $160,000


Bethany L. Kisak and Stephen W. Kisak to Rochelle Hedrick, 391 Stewart, $157,000

Lee D. Villars to Austin Eckenrod, 639 State, $89,900

Lynette E. Wilden to Phillip Woodyard and Margaret Woodyard, 145 Chapel Hill Drive, $70,220


Kenneth A. Shaffer and Casey I. Shaffer to Christopher R. Wadley, 293 Butternut Circle, $219,250

Mackenzie’s Cafe and Catering LLC to GBBC LLC, 4820 state Route 5, $239,500

William J. Thiry to Mackayla E. Kroll, 487 Rosewae, $117,500

Zachary E. Marchio and Nicole M. Herrillko to Douglas A. Hansen and Patricia E. Hansen, 110 Colonial, $196,000

Bayview LTD to Chrisovalantis Paxos, 3 Bayview Circle, $230,000

Glenn E. Talstein Jr. to Timothy W. Aston and Delores E. Aston, 315 Old Oak, $135,000


Frances Spavieri to Travis T. Chalker and Kimberly K. Michael, Cadwallader Sonk, $53,000

Enos G. Miller and Miriam A. Miller to Jory Ramer and Jennifer Ramer, 2803 Ridge Road, $252,500


Pekarovic Land Company LLC to Timothy W. May, 117 Churchill, $33,500

J. Elyn Summers to 80 4 All Inc., 453 Broadway, $56,000

Kenneth R. Kelley and Victoria J. Kelley to Bridgette Bratton and Christopher Bratton, 443 Taylor, $80,000

Bayview Financial to Community Loan Servicing LLC, 40 Second, $21,000


David L. Bailes to Tina M. Wilson, 4241 Gardner Barclay, $70,000


Virginia R. Scott to Anthony J. Porturica, 7316 Wilson Sharpsville, $137,600


Preston John Stauffer to Julie M. Hansen, 345 S. Linden Court, $157,000

RI and MMI to Daniel Cook and Deborah Cook, 517 Heatherwood, $190,000

Antonio D. Campana to Lana C. Canzonetta, 9228 Chalfonte, $168,000

John M. Kalish to VT Larney LTD, 1024 North, $75,000

Cynthia J. Bays to Joseph E. Seman and Corrie Seman, 2830 Hillside Drive, $25,000

George R. Bernard to Michael D. Kelsh, 8588 Carriage Hill, $190,000

Joseph Anthony Discerni and Katherine Miskov to Ashley J. Morris and Fred J. Morris, 7819 Anderson, $162,500

Vincent J. Ognibene to Thomas Adair and Alan T. Adair, 239 Palmer Circle, $265,000

J. Daniel Sgambati and Deborah L. Sgambati to Ihsen A. Judeh, 8941 Inverrary Drive, $258,000


Hazel Jones to James Ray Smith and Jeanine Marie Smith, 340 Jean, $190,000

Dennis C. Morosky to David Pratt Sr. and Krystle Pratt, 543 E. Liberty, $123,000

Sherman Merritt to Darrell L. Dandridge and Kerry A. Dandridge, 7081 Tamarack, $240,000

Lynn M. Cox Bottar to Richard Roessler, 7934 Hubbard Bedford, $72,000

Adam J. Fox and Roni D. Fox to Heather A. Kettering, Princeton, $131,000


Loretta Ragsdale to Nathan A. Castle, 6405 Webber Cole, $164,800


Russell F. Thornhill and Margy A. Thornhill to Edward J. Sallustio and Pamela Diane Waldron, Powder Mill Run, $54,000

Amelia M. Rotar to Jaclyn D. Lynn and Jeffrey K. Lynn, 140 Mill Run, $143,000

Hakem Almhairat to April Reitz, 1313 Crumrine, $90,000

Fred Jason Morris and Ashley J. Sippola to Nicholas E. Etto, Mansell, $84,900

Amber M. Ramsey to Kyle J. Mamounis, 348 Ventura, $105,000

NBRT Properties LLC to Garcy C. Oaks and Tonya R. Stroud Oaks, 6425 Sodom Hutchings, $435,000

Jeffrey M. Dinard and John M. Dinard to Carl W. Kaplin and Barbara J. Kaplin, 1007 E. Liberty, $140,000


Emma Shetler to Andrew Detweiler and Sara Detweiler, 8274 state Route 534, $55,000

Martin M. Miller and Barbara M. Miller to Paul Miller and Laura Miller, 4088 Kinsman, $140,000


Roxanna Crowe to Christopher R. Bennett, 2278 Newton Falls Tomlinson, $175,000

Beverly J. Connell to Daniel Skinner, 105 Windham St., $130,000

Jason Dickey and Patricia A. Culp Dickey to Kareh D. Pitcher and Eric Pitcher, 339 Oak Knoll, $119,900

Timothy B. Wolfarth to Jeffrey D. Precurato, 2341 Canal, $77,875

Jerald C. Welch and Tracy P. Welch to Lacey Spencer, 801 Arlington, $97,900


Robert L. Catchpole and Julia A. Catchpole to Jack Regal, 23 Hartzell, $65,260

Paul J. Maholtz III to Jeffrey Riedel and Rita L. Riedel, 1519 Difford, $68,000

Jacqueline Lawrence to John M. Tutoki Jr., 138 Wilson, $114,500

Thelma M. Snyder to Guy J. Fabrezio and Debra A. Fabrezio, 56 Mistletoe, $80,000

Serena Hills LLC to Casa Bella House Management LLC, 1695 Timbers Court, $335,000

Norma A. Gatta Jr and Pamela D. Gatta to Entrust Group Inc, 1103 Mason, $55,000

Nathan K. Clingerman to Vernon Realty LLC, 813 Warren, $35,000

Eros 74 Investments LLC to Made Real Estate Inc, 20 Cherry, $61,000

Robert J. Duncan to John T. Hawkins, 146 Holford, $47,800

Michael Melillo to Shawn Rich and Patricia Rich, 1514 Taft, $158,000

Victoria L. Thompson and Dee A. Dellinger to GCB Ventures LLC, 53 Wilson, $35,000

Larry R. Joe to Joseph Norris and Jessica Norris, 195 Oak Knoll, $100,000

John S. Chinelli Jr. to Margaret J. King, 128 Phillips, $120,200

Katherine H. Donahue to CHS Property Management LLC, 839 Robbins, $64,900

Marianna McClimans to Ryan A. Maas, 48 Summit, $70,000


Erica A. Chermansky to Timothy E. Garland and Kristean L. Kuch, Herner County Line, $20,000

Nathaniel D. Wright and Kyle C. Davies to Frank M. Thomas, 3050 Parkman, $305,000

Stephen L. Clark to Ragine E. Baugher, 3636 County Line, $100,000

Ryan J. Slone and Sarita B. Clark to Russell A. Muster and Sydney E. Muster, 3049 Barclay Messerly Road, $231,000

Lauren B. Hogue to Garrett Hamlin and Elisabeth Winston, 2750 state Route 534, $154,000

James H. Pinter and Roseanne Marie Pinter to Marvin C. Detweiler and Sara Jane Detweiler, state Route 305, $97,000


Richard F. Green and Cheryll L. Green to Zachary E. Marchio and Nicole M. Marchio, 4970 Turkey Run Drive, $310,000


David B. Rock to James R. Littell, 1141 Atlantic, $20,000

Edward A. Booth to MAK Realty LLC, Melrose Court, $23,500

August J. Seckler to Louis Hicks, 494 North, $79,900

Carolyn Andrews to Dianne M. Dicks, 703 Willowbrook Drive, $134,000

Covers N Stuff Roofing LLC to WGIP Properties LLC, 338 Scott, $205,000

Arthur M. Butler III to Kristen Carter, 1425 Genesee, $144,900

Larreka C. Woodgett to Lindsay Dedek, 2608 Beal, $125,700

US Bank Trust National Association to Sha Sha Xiao, 5938 Eagle Creek, $48,000

Western Reserve Port Authority to Bull and Rhino Land Company LLC, 231 Main, $350,000

Union Property LLC to BNM Auto Group LLC, 1361 N. Leavitt, $85,000

Joseph A. Marino Jr. and Susan N. Marino to James J. Dezsi and Cynthia Joyce Dezsi, 322 Genesee, $200,000

Nick K. Fantidis and Anna T. Fantidis to Sharon L. DeFrances, 3051 Halsey, $260,000

Cynthia M. Angelo and Margaret J. King to Timothy L. Peoples and Joana N. Peoples, 2821 Carlton, $205,000

Lyle Valentich and Teena Valentich to Christopher Worden, 3167 Starlite, $85,000

James P. Kondolios and Georgette Kondolios to Huy Quoc Tran, 1099 Woodland, $26,200

William M. Wendell to John C. Carter and Barisa Carter, 1703 W. Market, $135,000

Eros 74 Investments LLC to Masterpiece 2 Inc, 1041 Olive, $45,000

Timothy W. Davis and Debra J. Davis to Rickey H. Aldridge, 534 Riverview, $90,000


Sivan Properties LLC to Mark Fankhauser and Jill Fankhauser, 2887 Tibbetts Wick, $164,000

Leslie A. Sperati to Sharon F. Mazon, 2972 Warren, $80,000

Michele M. Gelsomino to Kurt W. Beler and Bernadette Beler, 2160 St. Clair Court, $310,000

Jeffrey J. Plant to David A. Esterman, 2357 Earl, $95,000


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