Property transfers

Property transfers recorded in Trumbull County April 26-30:


David E. Echols and Valeria K. Echols to Brittany Miles and Dnyelle Miles, 2730 Hoagland Blackstub, $80,000

Shawn C. Losen to Robison Real Estate Investments LLC, $40,000


Raymond L. Parish to Miguel Ramos and Francine Dorothy Ramos, 6692 Warren Sharon, $279,900


Russell D. Banks and Jessica D. Banks to Mark R. McGlynn, 5290 Calla, $200,000

Matthew A. Miller and Malinda M. Miller to Vernon V. mast and Emma Byler, 6132 Oak Hill, $181,800

Justin Shaker Pekarovic Land Company to Pekarovic Land Company LLC, 288 Towson, $30,800


Nathaniel U. Byler and Ruth D. Byler to Urie M. Byler and Marsha J. Byler, Housel Craft, $62,500

Gregory E. Baise and Renee E. Baise to Susanne M. Dhayer and James G. Dhayer, North Lake, $170,000


Clydene Moore to Christina M. Bettura, 501 Forsythe, $110,000

Nancy A. Komlanc to Kara Banks, 301 Second, $92,000

Ronald Nestor and Linda Nestor to Brenda J. Shaffer, Ohio, $42,000

Alva M. Schuster to David C. Bowser and Emma N. Bowser, 200 High, $23,000


Mark R. McGlynn to Erica Milijons and Ryan Connell, 8248 Dawson, $152,000

Gregory G. Myers and Hope Renee Myers to Mark A. Termine and Sara A. Termine, 644 Laurelwood, $230,000

Michael D. Kelsh to Michael R. Helmick and Paige Allene Deciancio, 3128 Fairview, $141,000

Holly H. Nguyen to Richard X. Klena and Madeline J. D’Amico, 531 Heatherwood, $147,500

Jennifer L. Dallessandro to Helen S. McCright, 9025 Inverrary Drive, $269,000

David A. Tirri to Jeffrey A. Agnew, 1205 Summerfield Lane, $80,000

Michael D. Kelsh to Michael R. Helmick and Paige Allene Deciancio, 3128 Fairview, $141,000

Robert L. Alexander and Joretta E. Alexander to Sandra Thomkins and Richard Bevly, 2530 Forest Springs Drive, $395,000

MYD Investments LLC to Paige E. Bolton, 110 Spy Glass Court, $334,900


Michael T. Rubenstahl Jr. to Carrington Mortgage Services LLC, 504 Stewart, $58,110


Jacob T. Olson and Augusta E. Fronzaglio to Daniel A. Miller and Veronica L. Miller, 384 Secrest Lane, $336,000

Dorothy Basic Harnichar to Garry Bryant Valentine, 1289 Willowood, $181,500


Rita Homa and Brenda Davey to Jeffrey T. Alderman and Robyn L. Fox Alderman, 2832 Newton Bailey, $310,000


Valerie Joy Hazlett to Diane Bagnall, 6321 Hoagland Blackstub, $77,500


Sandra J. Rankin to David Lazic and Marjenka Lazic, Hallock Sook Road, $27,500

Jody Sexton to TRK Properties LTD, Woodland, $94,500

Linda L. Douglas to Zachary Michael Bunea and Brittany Bunea , 16 Church, $125,000


April D. Bever to Alana Fusselman and Andrew Devellin, 174 Wilson, $109,900

Hillcrest Commons LLC to 54 Niles LLC, 1462 Hillcrest, $2,430,000

Brian R. Darby to Patrick Babcock and Bonita Babcock, 314 N. Bentley, $40,000

William E. Cline to Robert J. Bako, 513 Ann, $52,000

Anthony J. Core to Jalto Holdings, 1904 Robbins, $52,000

Michael P. Platt and Keeley L. Platt to Ellen Ham and Jefferson Smith, 114 Russell, $28,000

Jennifer Marie Young to Christina Stanko, 134 Potomac, $170,000

Brenda B. Long and Ronald G. Long to Joseph DelFavero, 417 Fifth, $72,500

Corey J. Metzenroth and Kristi L. Burton to Michael R. Stephens and Christine D. Stephens, 415 Wendell Place, $95,000


Eleanor J. Longstreth to Joel D. McElrath and Ronda L. McElrath, 4950 County Line Turnpike, $52,000


Judith L. Mrofchak to Joseph Allan Halutick and Kimberly Sue Halutick, 389 Bonnie Brae, $184,900


Carole J. Lonsdale to Jared L. Fulcher, 1439 Guarnieri, $132,500

Gust Achladis and Sevastie S. Achladis to Carol J, Lonsdale, 2401 Willowbrook Drive, $162,400

George Pahoulis and James Pahoulis to melissa Datish, 1540 Sunset, $120,000

Trumbull Rentals LLC to Nathan J Stahlman, 126 Kline, $37,500

Carol Sneed to Bryan Sheely, 1159 Oak Knoll, $61,000

SGH Properties LLC to James W. Taylor and Audrey Bowman, 863 Sylvan, $35,000

Genevieve C. Galmish to William A. Bartone, 1436 Atlantic, $91,700

Mark Alan Brooks to Mark C. Callion and Michael H. Callion, 281 Douglas, $36,000

Ruthann Gray and Heather Hail to Stephanie L. Hawkins, 2907 Clearwater, $58,600


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