Two assaulted after argument outside bar

Staff report

WARREN — Two people were assaulted by a group shortly after midnight Wednesday in the parking lot of the Peace Bar.

A 47-year-old city resident had repeatedly requested the driver of a parked, black Chrysler 300 to move her car, so she could leave the area, according to a police report.

The Chrysler driver ignored the woman’s request, so she slammed the Chrysler’s rear window with an open palm, yelling, “move.”

While she was walking back to her van, a male yelled, “you hit my car,” and then punched her in the face with a closed fist, the report states. He punched her three more times after she fell to the ground.

Two other females got out of the car, pulled the victim’s hair back, punched her in the face and kicked her in the chest, according to the report.

Someone in the bar ran out to help the victim.

In the meantime, three additional cars pulled into the parking lot, from which others got out to assault the people coming out of the bar, the report states. At least six women got out of vehicles to attack a man who initially left the bar to help the first victim.

The people then got back into their vehicles and drove away.

Videos of the incident showed the Chrysler 300 did not have a rear bumper or a license plate, according to the report. Police were able to retrieve photographs of the male and the two females suspected of starting the incident.

Police are scheduled to retrieve the surveillance video. No arrests have been made.



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