Bill challenges single ballot box rule

Democrats attempting to make voting easier

State Rep. Michele Lepore-Hagan is co-sponsoring a bill to require multiple election ballot drop boxes in each county.

The bill — sponsored by Lepore-Hagan, D-Youngstown, and Rep. Bride Rose Sweeney, D-Cleveland — comes after Secretary of State Frank LaRose ordered Feb. 12 that drop boxes continue to be limited to placement outside county boards of elections until the state Legislature voted to change that.

LaRose, a Republican, reissued the order, similar to one last year, even though a court decision gave him discretion on multiple locations.

The bill from the two Democrats instructs boards of elections to decide how many secure drop boxes they’d have based on geography, population and population density.

“Secure drop boxes will strengthen democracy in Ohio by making voting easier and increasing participation in our elections,” Lepore-Hagan said.

She pointed out that Michigan has more than 700 drop boxes while Ohio’s 88 counties are restricted to boxes only outside boards of elections offices.

Sweeney said: “No matter where they live, every Ohio voter should have the option to physically drop off their ballot in a way that is both secure and convenient. This is not a radical idea. It’s just common sense.”


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