Coronavirus death jump in Mahoning County unclear

According to the Ohio Department of Heath website, 10 COVID-19 deaths were reported Saturday in Mahoning County.

However, the site appeared to have contradictory information. The website listed the number of deaths for Mahoning at 325, 10 more than were listed on Friday. But the bar graph underneath that number showed no new deaths for Mahoning on Saturday.

No one from the Ohio Department of Heath could be reached for clarification. The Mahoning County Board of Health’s COVID-19 Dashboard lists the number of deaths at 315, but its website had not been updated since Friday.

If that number is accurate, it would be the highest one-day total reported in Mahoning, surpassing nine deaths reported on May 10, 2020.

The daily figure doesn’t reflect deaths that day. It indicates when those deaths were reported to the Ohio Department of Health. They could have occurred over the past several days, and Mahoning had not reported a death since Dec. 31, 2021.

Statewide, there were 55 deaths reported, which means Mahoning accounted for nearly 20 percent of those deaths.

Ohio reported 8,374 new cases on Saturday, a drop of nearly 1,200 cases from Friday. Total cases statewide stands at 770, 977.

Case numbers also dropped throughout three-county area. Mahoning had 86 new cases, down from 134 on Friday. Trumbull had 100 new cases, down from 107. And Columbiana reported 47 new cases, down from 81.

Neither Trumbull nor Columbiana reported any new deaths.

Mahoning’s total case number is 15,904. Of those cases, 13,306 are presumed recovered, and 817 have been hospitalized. Trumbull’s total case number is 11,669. Of those cases, 9,936 are presumed recovered and 830 have been hospitalized.

Columbiana’s total case number is 6,626. Of those cases, 5,497 are presumed recovered and 418 have been hospitalized.


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