Property transfers

Property transfers recorded in Trumbull County Nov. 2-6:


Craig Raymond Whitman to Jessica Oaks, 654 Johnson Plank, $125,000

John C. Marlatt and Tamara L. Marlatt to Steven E. Knapp, 2304 Keystone Trail, $341,000


Eddie Godwin and Elizabeth Godwin to Robert D. Fisher and Ella E. Fisher, 2462 Norton Lane, $164,000

Raymond D. Detweiler and Susan D. Detweiler to Diane Wood, 9467 Penniman Road, $210,900


JTH Tax Inc to Christina N. Gurule, 2915 state Route 5, $41,000


Ashawa Gibbs to 1 N LLC, 940 Irvine, $31,000

Steven C. Dobbins to John Coon and Jeanine Smith, 504 State Line, $30,000

Linda L. Mihalcin to Tod J. Connolly and Dana B. Nauerz, 670 Bedford, $155,000

Paul G. McMullin and Janice L. McMullin to Taylor McMullin, 7618 Warren Sharon Road, $120,000

Joann B. Leckfor to Roger Joseph Leckfor, Hubbard Thomas, $87,000


Thomas M. Hennessy and Valerie K. Hennessy to Jose Angel Figueroa III and Laurie Meadors, 267 Aspen, $200,000

Brett A. Hammer and Katie M. Shale to Timothy J. Olson Jr. and Tanyapa Olson, 333 Raymond, $146,000

Gary David Walborn to Jack L. Martin and Lisa A. Martin, 327 Earl, $95,000

Arthur O. Pierson III to Ryan R. Brady, 6595 Shafer Road, $240,000

Clyde R. Tunnicliff Jr. to David W. Alderman, 5793 Emerson, $109,000

Donald E. Ferguson and Julia S. Ferguson to Brian C. Songer and Clarice R. Songer, 1446 State,$84,000

Frederick N. Calvert to David Hawks, 5180 Pierce, $120,000

Steven J. Miller to John J. Hovart, 1233 Airport, $190,000


Pamela S. Yeager to Tyler J. Brown and Chelsea Brown, 2820 Silver Fox, $174,000

Sandra W. Foster to Kenneth A. Shaffer and Casey I. Shaffer, 289 Butternut Circle, $110,000


John Church and William Church to Richard T. Hlabse, 240 First, $56,000


Edna J. Annabell to Susan Fairman and Billy Jess Fairman, Dearborn, $22,000

Marvin Friend to Forsythe 480 LLC, 480 Forsythe, $317,500

Jane G. Doran to Brent M. Lowe, 851 Highland, $162,000

Lorraine Bzniak to Amanda M. Haun, 848 Dravis, $105,000

Karen S. Perko to Daniel Alvarez, 522 St. Clair, $40,000

Joseph P. Boland to David A. Mathews and Sara N. Mathews, 423 Kline, $124,503


Barbara E. Hopes and William O. Thomas to Caroma Land Company LLC, Durst Colebrook, $150,000


Timothy C. Rice to Bruce A. Fisher, 4428 state Route 7, $120,000


Kathleen L. Kosmalski Clever to Joseph C. Cannan, 4147 Bellwood, $82,500

U Joseph Notarianni to Ursula H. Marlowe and Christopher L. Marlowe, 2980 N. River Unit E9, $42,000

Preston Barringer and Alison Phillips to Tara Karr, 3902 Ravenwood, $89,000

Jan Jeffrey Crawford and Gail Trepicone to Tina L. Mallory, 3798 Allenwood, $127,500

Gust C. Charnas to Ashraf O. Issac and Markella P. Isaac, 2700 Hidden Lakes, $500,000

Tricia L. Ferry to Justin P. Mitulinski, 1500 Brittainy Oaks, $287,000

Ricky A. Kendall and Brenda M. Kendall to William V. Vardavas, 8793 Squirrel Hill, $162,000

Angela Marie Alberini to Ricky A. Kendall, 1211 Summerfield Lane, $104,900

Karen E. Pflager to Amie B. Royds, 130 Pineview Village, $100,000

Randy J. Nungesser and Donna L. Nungesser to Christine D. Wilcox and Roy Russell Wilcox, 210 River Glen Drive, $179,900

Billie G. Ensall to Timothy F. Ensall, 3942 Fairlawn Heights, $79,900

THG Real Estate Inc to AMMA Real Estate LLC, 8323 East Market,$595,000

Linda A. Spain to Dennis S. Leonard and Roberta J. Leonard, 3416 Orchard Court, $136,000

Mary E. Baker to Mary E. brown, 4277 Sunnybrook, $103,000


Mark Snyder to Jason L. Porter and Amy J. Porter, 257 Hager, $100,000

Joyce A. Davis to Brian T. Weekley, 289 Parish, $82,000

George D. Summers III and Abbey L. Summers to Richard V. Wagner and Sophie L. Wagner, 455 Grandview, $220,000

George A. Schuff to Sheryl Marie Schuff, 355 Jackson, $65,000

James J. Schramer and Julia M. Gergits to Robert E. Calvin Jr., 269 Jacobs, $57,000


Rodney R. Linger to John D. Priddy and Abigail R. Priddy, 3555 Bradlee Brownlee, $142,000

Kevin Denman to Adam C. Anderson and Josie M. Hartzel, 726 Ridge, $236,000


Nicole L. Matthews to Ulysses James Gordon, 401 Catherine, $118,000

Mark Makis to James Mattew Barringer, 902 Keefer, $65,400

Nikita Ventures LLC to Austin A. Campbell, 290 Colonial, $295,000

Gina Marie Sewruk to Peter Dante Kohut and Susan Kohut, 310 Trumbull, $130,000

Kristee M. Terry to Joseph M. Cornell, 126 Mill Run, $157,000

Khalid Iqbal and Riffat D. Iqbal to Kenneth Lane Lowther and Roxanne White Lowther, 2725 Arabian, $385,000

Eugene Mallen and Sandra Mallen to Thomas J. Noday and Linda Noday, 449 Arbor Circle, $142,000


Tina L. Morgan to Matthew P. Kline, 5157 state Route 45, $190,000


Craig Goddard to Michael S. Weller, 5392 Phillips Rice, $80,000

John A. Scimone and Karen M. Scimone to Lisa Huber, 5370 Lakeview, $155,000


Walter H. Byler and Ellen Byler to Walter H. Byler and Mary Ellen Byler, 9914 Bundysburg Windsor, $250,118


First Congregational Church to City of Newton Falls Ohio, 526 W. Broad, $250,000

Hazel F. Morgan to Chad S, Huffstutler and Maria Huffstutler, 3580 Newton Falls Bailey, $190,000

Delbert J. Woloski and Carolyn J. Woloski to William M. Chacjko, 4995 Scott, $77,475

Carie Lutes and Kirsten Sinn to Michael D. Lynn, 2757 West River, $160,500

Jeremy A. Alberini and Julie A. Onder to Allen R. Pennington II and Josie M. Hartzell, 726 Ridge, $120,000

Helen C. Surick to Mattew F. Caruso, Herbert, $157,000

Sivan Properties LLC to TRK Properties LTD, 70 Broad, $165,000

Nicholas J. Roberts Sr. to Yvonne G. McFarland and Christopher R. McFarland, Fairview, $171,000


Tracy L. O’Neil to MLTZ Enterprises LLC, 532 Sherman, $38,500

Trang Thao T Vo to Brandon Markle and Ashley N. Markle, 1016 Barclay, $91,500

Anthony T. Ruman and Kyle L. Ruman to Kim A. Allen, 912 Nob Hill Unit 3, $100,000

Phyllis Jean Bako to Russell I Sheward, Niles Vienna, $48,000

Rumar CO L.P. To BLP of Niles LLC, 104 Gilbert, $30,000

Rumar CO L.P. To BLP of Niles LLC, 925 South, $30,000

Pauline L. Demont and Pauline L. Zupec to Larry Adkins and Janice Adkins, 1538 Niles Cortland, $77,000

Nicholas A. Pappada to David J. Dadioman and Bonita A. Dadisman, 1009 Bentley, $124,900

Jason Tenney and Danielle Tenney to Tyler K. Savin, 166 Helen, $117,000


Max C. Dade to Ivan K. Bender and Erma D. Bender, 3925 Phalanx Mills, $240,000

Lansing Haley and Monica I. Haley to Mason D. Henline and Jessica L. Henline, 2110 Newton Falls Braceville, $320,000


Martin E. Wollam to David McElrath, 5354 Warren Sharon, $385,000

Matthew E. MacGregor to Kenneth Kester and Cynthia Kester, 3196 Warren Sharon, $140,000

Lester C. Carr and Marjorie J. Carr to Jena Swesey and Michael Swesey, 392 Centennial, $250,000


Daniel E. Mazzi to Timothy Podgorny, 1069 Eastland, $90,000

William S. Hutchings to Fitted For Your Properties LLC, 2747 Northwest Boulevard, $23,000

Barbara J. Yartz to Warren Family Mission Inc, 858 Buckeye, $25,000

Antoniette Spong to James F. Jones and Dixie K. Jones, 618 Kenmore, $95,000

James M. Johnson and Lisa J. Johnson to Chaz Brennan Johnson, 1905 Monticello, $88,000

James F. Jones and Dixie Kilbride Jones to Traci J. Loy, 325 Bonnie Brae, $91,900

Anna Chickelli and Ralph Diludovico to Malary K. Thomas, 1545 Westwood, $95,000

Joseph J. Millik and Rachel M. Millik to Vancestone Hall, 1286 Elm, $70,000

John May Jr. to Stephan L. Hawkins, 2292 Stewart, $62,000

Tiffany E. Steele to Jody L. Palumbo and Denise R. Palumbo, 1052 Bryan Place, $66,100

Miriam P. Scherer to Krystal M. Tubberville, 5489 Burnett, $81,000

Frank L. Albright and Nina F. Albright to James M. Mullen, 461 Elvina, $72,000

Elvira Littleton and Ornella Wishart to Paula M. Church, 1110 Meadowbrook, $64,260

Joshua W. Lewis to Anthony J. Torres, 1415 Sunset, $70,000

Bernadette M. Weston to Ryan Ely, 2125 Parkman, $43,000

Nicholas W. Fairmakes and William P. Fairmakes to Tracey M. Nice and James S. Nice, 251 Mulberry, $23,000

Mandy M. Flynn to Ashley D. Hopkins, 371 Kenmore, $84,500

Sammy Holdings LLC to Geoffrey A. Fusco and Cynthia L. Fusco, 1835 Beechwood, $65,000

Kronis Rental Properties I LLC to Barlatt Enterprises LLC, 167 Charles, $33,000

Kronis Rental Properties I LLC to Barlatt Enterprises LLC, 948 South, $27,000

Kristina Ayers to Melissa Limbeck, 4312 Masters, $40,000

Larry R. Brady and Lynne R. Brady to TAG Resources LLC, 2923 Linda, $35,000


Dennis L. Moore and Nancy D. Moore to Harold E. Booth and Susan A. Booth, 2056 Isabelle, $299,900


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